Here's the thing about RSS... It's like email, but with fancy pants

What's "RSS"?

Simply put, RSS is a way for you to get informed of Photojojo updates (or updates of many blogs and other websites).

As with an email subscription, twice a week you'll find out about something cool and new in photography. Unlike email, RSS updates won't come to your Inbox. Instead, you'll need to use a website or a program known as an RSS reader or an aggregator to receive them.

Lucky for you, some of the best RSS readers are free! Read on to find out how to get started.


How do I use it?

The easiest way to use an RSS feed is to subscribe to it using a free online reader such as Bloglines, My Yahoo, or Google Reader. Just click one of these buttons to get started:

Add to My Yahoo! Subscribe with Bloglines Google Reader or Homepage

Or point your favorite reader to:

Don't have one? Try Newsfire (Mac) or FeedReader (Windows)

RSS not your cup of tea? Subscribe by email!