The Photographer's Pouch
The Photographer's Pouch

The Photographer's Pouch

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Much like baby kangaroos, some things are happier living in a pocket.

The Photographer's Pouch will keep your cutest camera gear happy and safe while you hop around town.

These pouches are made of soft felt to keep lenses and phones from getting scratched by the stray keys floating around your bag. Elastic keeps the case securely closed to avoid any sticky candy from sneaking in with your camera goodies.

Unless you want to fill it with candy...or cash or pencils or your Zune. Fill the pouch with photography extras or anything you can think of and then fill your bag with multiple pouches to keep it all organized. The Velcro back sticks to the inside of your camera bag to hold it in just the right place.

It's the perfect size to fit all of the things that enjoy the security of a cozy pocket while traveling, including your new baby kangaroo.

  • A safely padded pocket that will velcro to the inside of your camera bag
  • Custom made of the finest wool felt
  • Carry your pouch solo or move it from bag to bag
  • Keep pokey things away from your gear
  • 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall when closed. Yeah, it fits most phones!
  • Can fit up to 25 miniature dinosaurs