iPhone Wrist Strap
iPhone Wrist Strap
iPhone Wrist Strap

iPhone Wrist Strap

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Most scientists agree that gravity isn't going anywhere. That means our iPhones are in constant danger of plummeting to the unforgiving ground. All while we're right in the middle of taking a great picture! Eek!

Nobody can cancel gravity, but we can keep our precious iPhones off the sidewalk with the iPhone Wrist Strap.

The iPhone Wrist Strap comes with a sleek aluminum bracket that screws flush onto the bottom of your phone. Then, the all-natural vegetable-dyed RED leather strap loops onto the bracket.

The Wrist Strap's bracket is built out of sturdy aluminum (same as your phone bits). It'll stay put with even the strongest of twists, tugs and pulls.

Just slip the iPhone Wrist Strap on your arm when you're out shooting. No more bag fumbling and camera juggling when you want to take a shot.

Until we live in space colonies, gravity will always be with us. You don't need to wait until the future to take that pic without fear: the iPhone Wrist Strap will keep your phone safe right now.

  • A sturdy and secure wrist strap for your iPhone
  • Works great with iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus
  • Comes with a bracket that screws directly into your phone
  • Screwdriver and screws included for easy application
  • Vegetable-dyed leather in red
  • Helps prevent gravity-based accidents
  • Makes it easy to juggle between your phone and DSLR
  • Strap bracket has no added weight or bulk