tl;dr → We're seeking tech-savvy, fun-lovin',
super organized photo nuts with a gift for writing & photography. Is it you?
Write for Photojojo &
make photography fun again!


We're seeking freelance Tutorial Writers/Photographers. We're in San Francisco, but you can be anywhere.

About us

Hi! We're Photojojo, an online photography newsletter + store. And we're here to remind the world that photography isn't about the size of your lens - it's about fun!

We've got over 600,000 BFFs (subscribers, followers, and fans) and we're looking for a few crack shot writers slash photo addicts to come up with amazing DIY photo projects, inspiring photo stories, and can't-live-without-'em photo apps.

What you'll be doing as a Tutorial Writer/Photographer @ Photojojo

  • Writing & photographing 2 or more awesome tutorials a month
  • Coming up with fun & creative new article & project ideas
  • Elevating tutorial writing/photography to an art form
  • Meeting and beating deadlines
  • Karate chopping through HTML/Wordpress
  • Working independently
  • Teaching people around the world how to do things!

About you ...

  • You're a creative DIY-er through-and-through. You're a master at figuring out how to make things at home.
  • You're a photo nut. You have a hundred and one cameras, and you love photography more than life itself.
  • You're an Instagram wizard. No photo gets posted without running through 3 editing apps first. The likes just won't stop pouring in.
  • Writing is a breeze for you. You write for fun and have a fun writing voice. Clear communication and grammar? You have those down pat!
  • You're an idea machine. You're constantly coming up with new projects and crazy, fun experiments to try with your camera/lens/film/phone.
  • You have the discipline of the Karate Kid. You're organized, have stellar follow-through & never miss a deadline.
  • You can shoot a mean photo. Your photos are clean and colorful and show off just how great your project is.
  • This sounds like your dream job come true!

How to Apply

Look through our archives to get a sense for what kind of DIY Project/Photo Inspiration/App News topics we write about.

1) Briefly tell us why you're the perfect fit and what kind of DIY you specialize in: craft, photo shooting techniques, camera/lighting hacks, and/or phoneography.

2) Attach a resume.

3) Collect the following samples:

  • Five ideas for what you think would make an awesome Photojojo write-up: DIY projects you dreamt up, cool sites our readers can use, a themed roundup, anything.

    What we're looking for: Specific, unique, and fun ideas. Build on our style while breaking new ground.
  • A writing sample. Got a blog or an article you've written for someone else? It can cover any topic! Send along a link.

    What we're looking for: Sharp writing skills and a fun, clever and creative voice.
  • Your Instagram handle. Our tutorial writers take their own photos. We want to see your steeze. A portfolio/flickr/other link is okay too, if your IG is mostly sandwiches and selfies.

    What we're looking for: Clean and colorful aesthetic. Simply great photos that show off how great you are at photography.

4) Send everything to us here:


p.s. Apply soon. We're eager to meet you! :)



  • Write like the wind and edit ruthlessly
  • Love photography an unhealthy amount
  • Draw from the depths of the English cannon as easily as the waves of pop culture.
  • Have a knack for finding the coolest photo stuff, first.
  • Are so organized it's scary.
  • Have identified stylistic inconsistencies in this listing.