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Quick version → Photojojo's looking for a photo-lovin' Scavenger of Cool Things
with meticulous attention to detail and a love for numbers. It's a full-time gig in San Francisco, CA.
Be our Treasure Hunter, Buyer, and Planner!


Hello! We're Photojojo and we're looking for a full-time Buyer & Planner in San Francisco with a love for photography and a knack for numbers.

About us

We're a (tiny) company that's all about making photography awesome in a BIG way.

We run the most fun online shop you've EVER seen, wrote a book, have over 600,000 subscribers, fans, and followers, and we've been in the New York Times, Today Show, Wired, Readymade, and lots more.

We're building a small, awesome team that loves working together. (Seriously, last year we took the company to Puerto Vallarta. This year, to Thailand!)

What you'll be learning ...

We're all about finding the most rarest photo goodies in the world. We've done a pretty good job so far, but we know there's much, much more to conquer.

It's your job to conquer -- and pick up some new skills along the way!

That means constantly searching for awesome new stuffs while being responsible for the sales and profitability of the existing products in the shop.

As a Photojojo Purchasing Manager your tasks will be divided between:

Analyzing Sales - Poring over sales data, looking for trends in our sales and the industry, and making inventory projections. Also, ensuring we have healthy inventory levels and quality products (placing fill-in orders, finding alternate vendors, handling returns, quality control, etc.)

Buying - Scouring the Internet (and the Earth) to find the latest and greatest photo goodies. You'll be doing a lot of web research and a bit of travel (from Vegas trade shows to Hong Kong street markets). Back at home you'll be staying on top of the latest gadgets and gear, developing relationships with vendors, negotiating, and making friends along the way.

Leading - You'll have your very own staff of fabulous copywriters and photographers to make products in the store shine. You'll be ring leading this team of superstars to teach Photojojo readers about all the neat new things you found (all the things!)

Planning - We're a small, growing company that's always experimenting -- changing and adapting systems to make things work more efficiently. We'll be looking to you to make changes and take risks in figuring out how to get better and faster. Total control!

About you ...

  • You're a planner. You're obsessively obnoxiously neurotically organized, and you can't live without lists. Your sock drawer is color-coordinated and you have a Google spreadsheet for your DVD collection.
  • Tech head. You know about all the photo gadgets first. You've read the Wikipedia page on lens optics just for fun. More than once.
  • Great taste. You've got it - simply put. It's not unusual for you to get compliments on your curatorial habit.
  • Mad negotiating skillz. You ask for what you want. And you've got the sense to know when you're asking for too much.
  • You kick-ass with minimal supervision. You're used to setting your own deadlines and sticking to 'em.
  • Stats and numbers whiz. You make yourself data sandwiches and wash 'em down with formulas. (Sometimes regressions!) You love pie charts and pie, equally.
  • Fun to work with. We think work should be fun, and working with friends is a big part of that.
  • You can't live without photography. It's the air you breathe, the water you bathe in, the cereal you eat for breakfast ... or whatever.

How to Apply

  1. Take a look at our store to get a feel for the kinds of products we sell.
  2. Come up with 10-15 product ideas (real or imaginary) for the Photojojo Store. Use your wildest imagination! Tell us what each one is, why it's rad, and why it'd be a great fit for the shop.
  3. AND answer us one question: if you could change or improve one thing about the Photojojo Shop, what would it be?
  4. Put it all in a cover letter telling us why you're a perfect fit for the job.
  5. Click that "Apply Now" button! Do it!

Do you...

  • Love photography?
  • Always know about the coolest photo stuff, first?
  • Have a head for business and numbers?
  • Stay ridiculously organized?

Why this is rad

You'll be a key member of our store team, with broad responsibility. You'll make contributions people will notice, and learn tons along the way.


Today is November 29, 2015 and this position is open.