The Iris Lens Dream Team


Stretch the limits of your built-in lens to fit twice the view in a photo. Great for epic landscapes, group selfies and interior shots.

  • 100-degree lens, fits 2x more in your photo
  • Four element optical grade glass
  • High center resolution for maximum clarity


An ultra (ultra) wide angle lens that makes straight lines curvy and wraps your image into 180-degrees. Looks extra great in video, makes super unique portraits and gives your photos a totally different perspective.

  • 180-degree lens
  • Three ground glass elements
  • Full-frame fisheye with zero vignetting


A close-up lens that captures incredible detail at an extremely close range. Fun times ahead taking photos of bugs, fingerprints, eyeballs, ice crystals in snowflakes! Bonus: also gives your phone lens depth of field for beautifully blurred backgrounds.

  • 10x magnification
  • 3mm focusing distance, xtreme closeup!
  • Ultra crisp high resolution center