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Photo Contributors

Mia Roca Alcover, Nadia Bahari, Muhammad Danial Elyeas, Susan Buck, Kara Canal, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Hunter Block, Andrew Ferguson, Katarina Gavrilica, Ron Goebel, Raul Gutierrez, Alanna Hale, Matt Jourdian, Kolby Kirk, Hanna Nikkanen, Jake Krohn, Tiffany Love, Marcel Molina, Jr., Ricky Montalvo, Dan Morelle, Matt Nuzzaco, Enrica P., Bre Pettis, Kara Plikaitis, Whitney Scott, Sumul Shah, Addled, alicia954, Amit Gupta, amymat, Andrew Wilkinson, Ankou, armisteadbooker, autovac, bhaggs, cel., chriskalani, chromogenic, chunky_mutt, Dave Schumaker, davebias, EmThree'd, everyplace, felipesimon, girlhula, hunter~, Inkyhack, kthread, lomokev, lucianvenutian, matt semel, Mareen Fischinger, mattlehrer, maybe a mezzo, melissa.., mike arauz, mister mark davis, net_efekt, no3rdw, noradio, Not Emily, peter thomsen, petrmara, pingnews.com, reemer, Rev Dan Catt, sahadeva, sesame ellis, sgoralnick, shannonpatrick17, Squiz1210, starpuncher, Stewart, suchstuff, sumul, susan Buck, swissmiss, The Coyote, The Man in Blue, Tony Lupo, traviscrawford, TylerKnott, uberwert, uepe, Vincent Kelly, William WM, Yellow on the Inside, youngna


One of the best parts of the Photojojo Book is that you're not only getting our oh-so-awesome photo knowhow, you're getting the best ideas and photos from the smartest people we know.

Project Contributors

Daniel Bigler blogs about things, does handstands while balancing bananas on his nose, and eats quarters - all on his website.

Kate Bingaman-Burt is an assistant professor of graphic design at Mississippi State University. She is currently hand drawing all of her credit card statements until they are paid off.

Steven Dodds is author of Tools and Re-Creative. He has been a guest on the HGTV show She's Crafty and has written for Readymade magazine. Steve works as an architect and designer in New York City and lives with his wife. Jerry, and daughter Samantha.

Norieah "Doe" is one awesome Photojojo reader. All we know about Norieah is that she sent us a great idea. But then we couldn't reach her, so we'd like to say! Thanks Norieah! That was a great idea!

Nicole Esmon has a list of things to do before 2018 that includes making her own cream soda, paying for a stranger's dinner, and spending a night on a train.

Derek Fagerstrom & Lauren Smith left their super fun, kinda crazy lives in New York City and went home to the San Francisco Bay Area to start up the Curiosity Shoppe for the simple reason that they're obsessed with beautiful things.

Raul Gutierrez the photographer and blogger, is not to be confused with Raul Gutierrez, the Fu-Shih Kempo Knife Fighting Master.

Mike Herzog morphs simple materials and common items into simply elegant and useful design items. Michael sells hi designs and publishes DIY instructions for them on DoDesignDIY.com

David Hobby is a professional photojournalist. David writes the best darn photography lighting blog known to man. We do not exaggerate.

Julie Jackson is the gal who lived in Rome for a semester and never saw the Sistine Chapel because there were too many Fiorucci stores in her path.

Greta Poulsen is an artist and science geek. Turn-ons include sumo wrestling (watching, not doing) shiny things, yarn and a man named Chet.

Alicia Kachmar is a writer, photographer, and all-around smart cookie. She writes a blog about cooking, crafting, photography, and traveling. She also sells the cutest crocheted critters around at EternalSunshine.etsy.com.

Amy Karol is author of a crafty book about sewing, Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Amy lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

Zach Klein is a decent, creative, and productive guy living in Brooklyn. Visit his websites, secretenemyhideout.comsecretenemyhideout.com and www.zachklein.com.

Melissa Lawson is a student at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She loves making and reading zines, sewing, bleaching her hair too much, and bringing her six cameras everywhere she goes.

Nikki Mans makes stuff and sells it on Etsy at whimsylove.etsy.com -- some days she's a wacky goofball ("whimsy") and other days she's a girly romantic ("love").

Taylor McKnight currently spends his time making his websites. The Hype Machine and SCHED*, rock. After completing two Project 365s he started a Flickr Group for others to participate. Join more than 5,000 members at tmcknight.com.

Kristin Meier can usually be found leading a posh and glamorous life as a teacher, traveler, and photographer extraordinaire. Most recently, however, she has gone undercover as a suburban minivan-driving mom to three groovy kids and loves it.

Lee Meredith also known by the moniker Leethal, is a designer, photographer, and creator of things from who lives in Portland, Oregon. She sells her home and clothing accessories, and shows you how to make them yourself, on her DIY blog and zine (do stuff!), all found at leethal.net.

Graham Moore is a graphic designer who specializes in DIY techniques and actually gets his hands dirty. He teaches at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Matt Nuzzaco is a genius by day, photographer by night, and friend to small animals everywhere. You can learn more about him at nuzz.org

Youngna Park likes words, books, storytelling, letter-writing, bright colors, and delicious food. which she sometimes writes about. She lives in New York city. Visit her at youngnapark.com and her photography at jenbekman.com and 20x200.com

Shannon Patrick Ramos spent a great deal of his childhood playing with friends, making up rules for games, and generally running amok.

Whitney Scott is a full-time mom and photographer. She lives with her husband and two children in Carthage, Missouri, where her zany life is viewable for all to see.

Liz Slagus has taught new media art courses for the University of Connecticut and the University of Rochester via Eyebeam Education, for which she develops school, youth, and Family related courses.

Ester K. Smith makes books at Purgatory Pie Press. Her work has been exhibited at MoMA, the Whitney, the National Gallery of Art, and London's Tate, among others. Ester is the author of How to Make Books and Magic Books & Paper Toys. Visit her at www.EKSmith.com and Purgatory Pie Press.

Danielle Strle was born and raised in Normal, Illinois, where Strle was not always synonymous with Style. A year in Japan and a move to New York changed all that, and Strle has been styling ever since.

Tiffany Threadgould began designing when she lived in New York City. The garbage that lined the streets at night became the inspiration and material from which her designs evolved. She received her master's degree in industrial design and is still inspired by discards from the streets.

Cy Tymony has always loved science. Cy's three Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things books teach how ordinary objects can be used in extraordinary ways.

Adam Varga is a photographer and web developer in New York City. He has hiked the Appalachia Trail, adopted a dog named Alex, and built countless awesome websites.