Your Light Problems, Illuminated at Last

We’ve gathered up your most pressing light issues and found the perfect solutions for them. Dare we say we shed light on the situation? Oh yeah, we totally dare.

Check out all the products you’ll ever need for light perfection and our best tutorials for shooting in tricksy light. You’ve got the ‘light’ stuff now baby!

Choose the “Light”!

Problem: Low light is killing photo ops and your phone’s flash is turrible.

beforeYou definitely need the Pocket Spotlight. Rows of bright LEDs give you gorgeous even lighting in low lit areas. Fits easily in your pocket so there’s no excuse to be without perfect light. (Check out the Nova too, it really flashes!)

Pocket a Spotlight Here

Problem: Your macro photography just doesn’t “pop.”

beforeCheck out our Oh! Wow. Ring Light. It’s the perfect light for macro shots and is super awesome for portraits too. You can even snag one for your phone!

Grab Your Ringer

Problem: That mid day sun is throwin’ some pretty harsh shadows on your subject.

beforeTry the Pocket Reflector on for size and bend light to your whim. It folds up small and pops out easily so you can bounce those rays anywhere.

Bounce Here for Reflection

Problem: You waste waaaay too much time removing red eye from your pics.

beforeThe Deluxe Pop-up Flash Bounce is your answer here. It’ll bounce all the light from your flash and distribute it away from your subjects eyes (which are decidedly not red.) Make that flash work wonders for you.

Reduce Red Eyes

Problem: Light painting with lasers isn’t fulfilling your true visions.

beforeHave you seen the Pixelstick? It’s undeniably incredible. You can light-paint spontaneously or pre-load images to recreate in full color. There is no limit to your imagination.

Pixel up Here

Taking it further

Check out these tutorials on midday shooting, evening shooting and flashy shooting.

Only shoot on mobile? Snag a Mobile Lighting Kit then! It’s packed with all the essentials for good lighting on the go.

Also take a peek at the Luxi light meter. It makes manual mode shooting a breeze on your phone. Perfect white balance and exposures, every time.