You Don’t Look a Day Under 85! — Add Years to Anyone’s Face, Instantly!

Aging exampleDear gentle readers, we’re tired of the unrealistic ideal of youth and beauty stuffed down our collective throats by television, magazines, and movies.

We say nuts to wrinkle-reducing botox, gray-hiding hair color, and skin-stretching facelifts. Today’s link is about making anyone look old. That’s right, friends, old.

Our chums over at Photoshop Lab have a great step-by-step on how to add wrinkles, loosen skin, gray hair, sprinkle on liver spots, and generally pack on the years with just a few minutes in Photoshop.

Trust us, old is the new young.

Aging People — Use Photoshop to Age Anyone’s Face

p.s. Check out this Dove commercial — from ordinary woman to wildly unauthentic billboard glam in 60 seconds. Amazing. Frightening.