World Photography Day — Ideas & Inspiration to Celebrate All Things Photo

Do you remember the first time you held a camera?

Pushing on a button somehow procured a preserved rectangular memory that you could hold in your hand.

From that day on you never looked back…mostly because you were too busy looking into the viewfinder.

World Photography Day is tomorrow, August 19th, and it’s the perfect day to show your camera some love!

Whether your preferred camera is plastic, pinhole, or also known as your phone, we’ve collected the most inspiring ideas and even a photo themed mixtape to celebrate your very own photo day at home.

Hats off to you, Mr. Daguerre.

Photojojo’s Guide to World Photography Day

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Feature image: Sherman Geronimo-Tan

Get Nostalgic

beforeSo who the heck figured out the sophisticated science behind photography?

Some say the Frenchman Louis Daguerre inventor of the daguerrotype did while others are pretty sure William Fox Talbot inventor of the calotype did.

Whether you’re team Daguerre or team Talbot, both declared these two photographic techniques in 1839.

It was in that year that the French government announced photography on August 19th as “a gift to the free world.” And they were so right!

If you look to the right here, you can see one of Daguerre’s first photos which features a person standing on the sidewalk. Look closely. You’ll find him (or her?)!

Get inspired

beforeOne of the best ways to get yourself clicking is to read up on inspiring photographers.

Here are a just few to get you kickstarted:

  • Pete Eckert: A blind photographer who didn’t give up on his camera despite losing his sense of sight.
  • JR: The Banksy of the photo world, JR is the 2011 TED Prize Winner and a photographer activist who’s turned the world’s streets into a photo gallery.
  • Yowayowa Camera Woman: Natsumi took the Project 365 concept one step further by capturing herself levitating in daily self portraits.

Off the Wall Projects

beforePhotographer’s block is real. The good thing about it is when you’re racking your brain for a new project you end up coming up with the wildest ideas.

  • Stick your vintage camera underwater. For serious. If you’re worried about it getting damaged, you can wrap it in a plastic bag or use a broken camera. You only need the viewfinder on a TLR to work in order to do this project.

Throw a party or stay in and read!

beforeWhether you’re in the mood for a party or would rather curl up in your favorite living room nook, we’ve got solutions.

Party! Party! Party!

  • Throw a photo movie party! And don’t forget the popcorn. Don’t know what to watch? Well, we conveniently threw together this ultimate movie roundup of 50 photo movies every photo fan should see.
  • Three words: photo scavenger hunt. Make a list, pitch your friends against each other, and give away sweet photo prizes.

Or chill out at home…

Share your photos

beforeYour photo spree was a success! Now what?

Share your photo talents with the world. The internet’s pretty good for that. Upload your photos to Flickr, and add them to the Photojojo Flickr group. Caption your photo with “World Photo Day” so we know you’re celebrating!

You can even take your photos into real life (!!!!) by printing them out and creating an impromptu living room gallery. Invite friends over and get swanky with some wine/grape juice and cheese.

Take Your Photo Obsession Further

Photo credit: Sherman Geronimo-Tan for feature image, Louis Daguerre for daguerrotype, Natsumi Hayashi for floating photo, Sam DeLong for camera toss, Courtney Carmody reading girl, and Hillary Hartley for photo wall