What Time is it? It’s Time-lapse Time!

You’ve been drooling over time-lapses lately, and with good reason.

They’re perfect for capturing the buzz of a cityscape, the fun of your pool party and the awesomeness of storm-clouds moving over your hometown.

We’ve rounded up the best time-lapse tools for everyone from DSLR wielding pros to time-lapse newbz. You can finally snag perfect time-lapses … time after time.

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High Quality Time-Lapse

beforeTriggertrap syncs your phone up as a shutter remote to your DSLR. Which is super useful, but wait … there’s more of course!

Triggertrap comes with a buncha different modes, including time-lapse and distance-lapse. So you can get time-lapses in the highest quality known to your camera arsenal.

Check out Triggertrap Here

Panning Time-Lapse

beforeThe Camalapse smoothly rotates your phone for full 360° panning time-lapses.

It’s a cinch to use and can rotate any device under 1lb. Just make sure the device actually shoots photos, your coffee grinder isn’t gonna cut it. Oh, it’s got a tripod mount too, so you can grab pano time-lapses on all your travels!

See Camalapse Action Here

Panning Time-Lapse With a Twist

beforeGalileo spins your phone in more ways than one. It pans, tilts and twirls for new perspectives on your panning time-lapses.

It’s a whole new world with panning time-lapses that move side to side, up and down and every direction in between.

Learn More About Galileo Here

Time Saving Time-Lapse

beforeThe Digital Time Lapse Camera is the most simple tool for pro time-lapses. Keep your phone and DSLR in your hands, let this baby do all the heavy lifting.

Simple to set up, no extra devices or apps required. It’s got weatherproof casing too (little rain won’t hurt anymore!) Once it’s done recording, it spits out a video file. No more time spent stitching together stills or video editing.

Check the Deets About the Digital Time Lapse Camera Here

Taking it further

beforeHyperlapse is Instagram’s app for shooting time-lapses on your phone, and after all this time reading about time-lapses, you know you’re give it a test run … or 12.

We wrote up this in-depth guide to using Hyperlapse, so you can dive in and have fun with a minimal learning curve.

To keep your phone perfectly still while Hyperlapse is doing it’s time-lpasin’ thang, check out the Gorillapod (or the mini/phone version) for perfect stability anywhere, for realz.