What’s In Your Cam Bag?We Asked, You Answered!

Ever wonder about the goodies that photographers hide away in their camera bags?

Wonder no more! We asked seven photogs from all walks of life to open up their cam bags to us so we can see what exactly they’re working with.

As you’d expect, no two bags are the same. The one thing they all have in common, though? They’re unique and awesome, just like the photogs they belong to!

Camera Bag Items Revealed!


Kyna’s Bagbefore

Kyna’s a film photography enthusiastic from Florida. She loves going on adventures with friends and capturing candid moments.

Q. What’s in it? 

A. Canon AE-1, LED spotlight, color filters, film container, point and shoot camera, tripod

Q. What’s your fave method of photography? 

A. Film

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A. The LED spotlight (which I typically use in videography). It has a dimmer control on it and is easier to control than my external flash and the flash setting on my camera. It also comes with a warm orange toned filter that I absolutely love.

Q. Which item do you have the most fun using? 

A. I enjoy using color filters over my camera’s flash! They’re super portable and you can’t really go wrong with however you use them.

Kyna’s also on Tumblr!

Adam’s Bagbefore

Adam is an unapologetic cinephile who wishes he had more time for cats. He also loves cups of tea at sunrise.

Q. What’s in it? 

A.Canon 6D, Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC, Canon 50mm f/1.8, spare batteries, extra memory cards, Sharpie, iPhone 5 charger, Samsung 1TB drive, lenspen, business cards

Q. What’s your fave method of photography?

A. Digital.

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)? 

A. My iPhone 5 that I took the photo with. I can use it to access my emails, check the call sheet for the day, keep info for film crew and cast handy, etc. And the camera is pretty good, too!

Q. Any items you’d like to add to your collection? 

A.Fatboy sound blimp so I can use my camera during takes when the movie cameras are rolling. Apart from the Fatboy sound blimp the only other addition would be the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 VC to partner the lens I already have.

Adam’s also on Tumblr

Ted’s Bagbefore

Ted likes to think of himself as a photographer of opportunity ’cause he’ll shoot anything. And his fave color is red!

Q. What’s in it? 

A. Canon 6D, Canon EOS Rebel T3i, Canon 24-70mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 100mm 2.8, Ipad mini, Iphone 6 plus, Max Expedition Sitka, Speedlite 430 EXII, Sun Sniper camera strap.

Q. What’s your fave method of photography? 

A. Digital

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A. Recently, my iPad has been the most important. I send my photos directly to LR CC and I use it to preview photos and do some first pass editing.

Q. Which item do you have the most fun using? 

A. Again my iPad. I take less photos to get the one I want. I can run through some of my presets to see what direction I want to take a capture. I’m constantly playing with edits.

Ted’s also on 500px

Danielle’s Bagbefore

Danielle loves traveling and the ocean. She’s often found stopped on the side of the road taking pictures of bugs.

Q. What’s in it? 

A.  Snapsights SS-1000 Waterproof Digital Camera, iPhone 6, SLR Bokeh Kit, Raynox Snap On Macro Lens for DSLR, Tokina 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens, Photojojo iPhone Macro lens, Giottos Medium Rocket Air Blower, Lens Pen, Aputure Wireless Remote, Targus Memory Card USB adapter

Q. What’s your fave method of photography?

A. Digital and phoneography.

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A. My iPhone macro lens. It’s perfect because it’s easy to use and small enough to bring everywhere. I recently bought a 100 mm macro lens for my DSLR, yet I still use my iPhone macro lens more often.

Q. Which item do you have the most fun using? 

A. The bokeh kit. I don’t use it too often but I always break it out around the holidays to get fun shaped bokeh out of the Christmas lights.

Moriah’s Bagbefore

Moriah likes singing to her cat and reading when it rains. She’s been taking photos of anything and everything for about two years.

Q. What’s in your bag? 

A. Fujifilm Finepix S4500, four AA batteries, two hand lotions, lipstick, box of tic tacs, lens cloth, pen, cord for hooking the camera up to a TV, mini tripod, flash drive, memory card converter/flash drive, two seashells.

Q. What’s your fave method of photography? 

A. Digital.

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A. The memory card converter is how I get the photos onto my computer for editing. I use Picasa. So it’s definitely the next most important thing to my camera.

Q. Any items you’d like to add to your collection? 

A. I’ve had this Jolby UltraFit Sling Strap on my wishlist for a while.

Shane’s Bagbefore

Shane hosts a radio news show and loves looking at photos of former celebrity couples. Her passion is in social justice journalism.

Q. What’s in it? 

A. Yongnuo Speedlite, collapsible reflector with a silver and gold side, Canon 7D Mark II, Sigma 50mm lens, tripod, shoulder rig

Q. What’s your fave method of photography? 

A. Digital and Phoneography

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A I film video with my DSLR so a tripod is essential. And if I need to be more mobile while filming, I bring my shoulder rig. Opteka makes a great one that’s comfortable and compact for under $100.

Q. Which item do you have the most fun using? 

A. I’ve recently gotten into studio photography, so playing around with strobe lighting has been quite the experience.

I also recently used red gel filters for the first time during a shoot for a short dance film I directed. They created a subtle effect that really worked for how I wanted the scene to feel.

Shane’s also on VSCO Grid

Fafa’s Bagbefore

Fafa’s a bookworm and tv/movies addict. She mostly likes taking landscape photos but occasionally portraits and self-portraits, too.

Q. What’s in it? 

A. An analog camera: Minolta XD-7 with a 50mm F1.7 lens, a little pouch containing a second battery for my camera and a roll of film, and another pouch with a second lens: 18-50mm F3.5-5.6

Q. What’s your fave method of photography?

A. Analog.

Q. Which item is used most often (besides your cam)?

A. I’d say my second battery! When I’m on a trip, the battery is usually being used up quite rapidly so having a 2nd battery is needed or I’d have probably missed taking nice shots.

Q. Any items you’d like to add to your collection? 

A. Either a lens for macro photography or a lens with a wider angle.

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