What’s in Photojojo’s Camera Bag

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We have to admit, here at Photojojo, we love our job.

Our favorite part of our job? Sharing all the cool stuff we find with YOU!

That’s why we’re spilling our secrets and letting you in on the inside scoop.

Check out this article to meet the Photojojo team and find out what our favorite gadgets are.

Take a Look Inside Photojojo’s Camera Bag

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paint-smAaron specializes in Internet Wizardry here at Photojojo.

What you need to know about Aaron: He’s a film lover (medium format mostly). And appropriately, his favorite song is “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon.

Aaron’s spirit animal is (obviously) a tiger, and if he had to name his favorite place in the whole entire world, it’d be in bed with his miniature tiger.

Go-To Camera: Bronica SQ-A. I love the detail and clarity of medium format film! Instagram (@aoxborrow) gives me a lot of inspiration for square format pictures.

The standard 80mm on my SQ-A never lets me down. It’s really sharp at f2.8 and has a beautiful, circular bokeh.

iPhone or Android: iPhone. It has essentially replaced 35mm for me. If I’m not lugging around film gear then I’m looking for that perfect Instagram opportunity.

Fav photo app: I use the iPhone’s built-in camera app for shooting, and edit with VSCO cam before Instagram.

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: The Instax Wide camera. The film is cheap, available and makes for great-looking photos. Instant film is still the most fun!

Fav photo he ever took: Hard to choose, but I love how this one of my grandma turned out. Some of my family members had prints made and it feels important as a historical document.


paint-sm Jen does everything from traveling the world finding neat photo thingies for the shop, to just keeping the awesome Photojojo engine running in SF.

What you need to know about Jen:
If she could be any photographer in history, she’d be Nan Goldin in the 70’s, just to hang out with Jim Jarmusch and other awesome figures.

Jen used to manage a Birkenstock Store (FACT) and loves Tokyo. She went there a few years ago on a buying trip and the city continues to inspire her.
Go-To Camera: Canon AV-1 with a nifty 50! (50mm lens that is.)

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: The Rare Film Gift Pack! Photojojo is the only store in the US where you can buy Fuji Natura 1600 in 35mm.

Fav photo app: I’m obsessed with Squaready – the app that neatly formats your Instagram photos into rectangles on white. I just love how polished and different my photos look after using it.

On her photo wish list: A Mamiya 645 plz and thank you!

Meet Julieanne:

paint-smJules is the Customer Service [Pirate] Captain here at Photojojo.

What you need to know about Jules:
When she’s not hanging out with baby tigers, she prefers a cozy coffee shop with a latte in a big-as-a-bowl-mug and a good book.

If she had her choice of who to be stuck with on a deserted island, she’d choose a boyscout or survival guide, a comedian, and a chef. She’s so logical!


Go-To Camera: The TIM Twin Lens Holga for its awesome double exposures and diptychs. Plus he’s so darn cute.

iPhone or Android: Android! Wha wha!

Fav photo app: Instagram. Love love LOVE!

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: I’m pretty sure I own at least half of the store. Is it cheating to say a stegosaurus? Out of the cameras I think I’d go with the Instax Mini 50s Piano Black.

Fav photo you ever took: While I was in a Black and White Photography class in college, I went to visit my Grandma and she was carrying around a giant old lady purse with HUGE letters spelling out “Foxy Lady” on it. After I stopped laughing I snapped a picture of her and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

Meet Kim:

paint-sm Kim is the Photojojo Photographer/Office Hip-Hop Music Influencer.

What you need to know about Kim:
Well, if Kim were a camera (which she kind of already is), she’d be a hasselblad.

If she could be any photographer from history, she’d be a cross between Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Peggy Sirota- her photo gurus.

She can’t live without a pen and paper, and even has her own super hero name… you’ll have to ask her about it.


Go-To Camera: My go to camera is the Pentax ME. But my iPhone is the camera I have with me at all times.

Fav photo app: PhotoForge 2 to help straighten photos, and then Instagram.

On her photo wish list: The iPhone Scuba Suit, fo sho!

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: The iPhone SLR Mount, or the Any Bag Camera Insert

Fav photo she ever took: I was floating down a warm river in Canada on a giant floatie, and I had an underwater disposable camera with me. I snapped a photo of my friend, Chris, just as he accidentally flipped off his tube into the water.

Meet Kiran:

paint-sm Kiran is Photojojo’s Marketing/PR Man/Mad Libs Connoisseur

What you need to know about Kiran:
If he were a camera, he’d be the classic Mini Digital because his friends sometimes refer to him as a spy. He’s really good at sneaking up on people, has an alter-ego and is, as some say, extremely difficult to read. Hmmm…


Go-To Camera: My iPhone is always on me so that’s my default, but I trust my Canon Rebel t2i with important stuff. I still will use disposable cameras now and then because they’re perfect for projects like The Secret Lives of Benches.

Fav photo app: Camera+ for shooting, Photoforge for editing.

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera. It’s a worthy replacement for back in the day Polaroid film.

Favorite photo he ever took: This shot from the Salton Sea in the California desert because it almost doesn’t look real. It was also from a really fun road trip with some photographer friends that I’ll always remember.

Meet Lisbeth:

paint-sm Lisbeth is Photojojo’s Prime Minister, er Editor!

What you need to know about Lisbeth:
She admires Bruce Davidson, a documentary photographer who captured people living on the edge of what was socially acceptable in the 1950’s, 60’s and even today.

She once trained as a Peruvian folk dancer, so if you visit, she can teach you some moves!

Oh, and she also wants to enter a hot dog eating contest. She thinks the has a real shot! Anyone up for a challenge?

Go-To Camera: Lately, my Olympus Stylus! I got it for $20 and the shutter button fell off (don’t worry I can still take photos with it), but I love it because it’s small and discreet.

Fav photo app: I’m a Snapseed girl.

Must-Have from the Photojojo Store: It’s a tie between the Fuji Instax 210 Camera and the Magnetic Cell Lenses! And pretty much everything else in the store. Jen does an amazing job of keeping the Photojojo Store stocked with incredible photo stuff.

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