What iPhoneography Apps Are Hot Right Now

We’ve been wondering what photo apps the cool kids are using on their phones these days. Instagram? Hipstamatic? Diptic maybe?

So we rounded up 12 of our favorite smarties and asked for their top 3 faves.

Who’d we ask? Photographers (of course), web entrepreneurs, illustrators, designers, the guy who invented the #hashtag, and even a Mythbuster!

Here’s what we found out.

[BTW, we’ve got Android apps in here, too!]

The Top iPhoneography Apps Right Now

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Jake Lodwick

beforeWho’s Jake? Inventor/founder of 13 billion web things like Vimeo and Pummelvision.

What’d he say?

  1. Postagram
    They print a postcard featuring one of your photos, and mail it to your girlfriend or Mom or whoever. Very low effort for a great result.
  2. I Hardly Know Her*
    A minimalist Flickr viewer. More elegant than the regular Flickr photostream. From Muxtape creator Justin Ouellette.

    *FYI, this is an iphone-optimized website, not an app.

  3. Everyday
    This app bugs you to take a photo of yourself every day. Before you know it, you’ve got hundreds of self-portraits, just like the famous artist Noah Kalina, who co-created the app.

Check out our Pummelvision blurb [and interview with Jake]!

Zach Klein

beforeWho’s Zach? Makes amazing web stuff like Vimeo and Svpply.

What’d he say? I’d be fibbing if I touted three, in fact I only use two:

  1. PicPlz [Android friendly!]
    A photo-sharing service made for a generation whose primary camera is their phone. Their location-tagging is especially swift, too.
  2. 360 Panorama
    From the makers of RedLaser, this is simply one of the most ingenious panorama apps I’ve seen yet. They give you a 3D space and you ‘paint’ in your surrounding.

Kate Bingaman Burt

beforeWho’s Kate? Our favorite illustrator! Also the author of Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?

What’d she say? The ONLY photo app I use with great frequency is Instagram.

I love it because it is small and simple and the interaction feels super personal. I also love it because I can only use it on my phone!

Doctor Popular

beforeWho’s Doc? Yo-yo enthusiast, Laughing Squid contributor, iPad street musician, Instawalk organizer, game designer, and SF-based “super nerd.”

What’d he say?

  1. Slit-Scan
    An unusual camera app that captures an image one chunk at a time from a moving horizontal position. Similar to dragging your hand across a photocopier.
  2. Decim8
    The ultimate tool to glitch out, melt, and awesomify your photos!
  3. Interlacer
    A unique way to stitch together multiple images. Try running a photo through Decim8 multiple times, then merging them with Interlacer.
  4. Bonus!: SynthCam
    Recreates the look of a narrow depth of field by taking dozens of shots of an object from slightly different perspectives and stitching them together. This app can be VERY tricky to use, but the results are often more interesting than your typical “tilt shift” app.

Even extra bonus: Doc’s full list of favorite iPhone apps.

Grant Imahara

beforeWho’s Grant? Robotics engineer; R2D2 operator; blows stuff up on TV for Mythbusters.

What’d he say?

  1. iPhone camera
    Simple and to the point. Take a picture and then email it to Twitpic. Bam! It ends up on my feed. There are no other lenses or fancy exposure settings. It just takes pictures and that works fine for me.
  2. Twitpic [Android friendly!]
    It’s a workhorse. The pictures are emailed directly from my iPhone and the subject line becomes the caption. Twitpic automatically uploads to my feed. The interface is easy for people to navigate and comment on my photos (feedback is essential; helps me tailor my feed to what people like).
  3. There is no number three. This is all I use. Period.

Noah Kalina

beforeWho’s Noah? Photographic artist; has taken a self-portrait every day since 2000. Yes, really.

What’d he say?

  1. 3D Camera
    Because I love the wigglegram effect.
  2. Hipstamatic
    Because I like the options and the interface.
  3. Everyday
    Because it was inspired by my everyday project and I
    helped make it.

Kevin Meredith

beforeWho’s Kevin? Lomokev! Superbad photographer; author of Hot Shots, Photo Op and Toy Cameras.

What’d he say? I have loads of photo apps but only use 3.

  1. Instagram
    Great for adding quick effects once your photo has been taken. It also has a built in mini social network which makes it easy to keep up with what your friends are doing visually.
  2. Hipstamatic
    Obvious but it’s still the king of the iPhone photo apps. It now has large selections of films, lenses and flashes which give you hundreds of different image combinations! I find it’s best to use the random feature by shaking the phone!
  3. Everyday
    There is no real instant gratification with it, as you have to use it for a few days before you see any result. It prompts you take a photo of yourself at regular intervals (I have mine set for 9am, 12pm and 9pm).

    It has a handy grid feature so that all your photos line up and makes movies right on the phone. I have been using it for just over 2 mouths and only have 8
    seconds of footage

Chris Messina

beforeWho’s Chris? Open web advocate at Google; invented the #hashtag.

What’d he say?

  1. Instagram
    Kind of a “no duh” at this point. It clearly fills the role Flickr used to play — but on my iPhone. Crisp, clear interaction; no fuss, no muss.
  2. Pro HDR [Android friendly!]
    Allows me to capture great shots in variable lighting conditions. Saves a lot of otherwise poorly lit shots from facing the wrath of my delete finger.
  3. Infinicam
    Instagram’s filters are great but sometimes redundant. Infinicam lets me play and experiment with an infinite set of filters.
  4. Bonus: Halftone
    If I’m going to engage in fauxtography, I *must* have something that helps me produce cartoon-style content!

Amit Gupta

beforeWho’s Amit? Our very own Head Jojo, Amit’s the inventor of Photojojo, Jelly, and amazing things in general.

What’d he say?

  1. Instagram
    I realize I’m probably the 10th person to say this, but it’s the most-used photo app on my iPhone, by far. It’s simply what camera phones were made for.
  2. Snappy
    The fastest camera app on your phone. Swipe right on your status bar, from any app on your phone, and a camera instantly slides down. If you’ve missed shots because the camera app took too long to open, you need this. You will need to jailbreak your phone to use it. (Thx to Tag Savage for the tip.)
  3. 3D Camera
    Super simple app for making those “Wigglegram” 3D animated gif photos. Snap a photo, move a few inches to the right, snap another, and it’s done!
  4. Honorable mention: PS Express [Android friendly!]
    I’ve tried a bunch of image editing apps on the iPhone. For some reason, I keep coming back to Photoshop Express. It’s simple, quick, and gets the job done.

Paul Octavious

beforeWho’s Paul? Gorgeous lovely photographer. You might have noticed we really like him.

What’d he say?

  1. Instagram
    Gives me that excitement of a new relationship. I find it amazing how differently people are looking at objects & angles that they wouldn’t have given a second look to. It is pretty amazing.
  2. Slow Shutter
    Lets you create long exposures. Flash Light + iPhone + Glif = Awesome Sauce
  3. 360 Panorama
    Its kinda like the Spinner 360 camera but you perform a slow spin while holding your iPhone. Totes worth it!

Dane Sanders

beforeWho’s Dane? Very pro photographer; author of 2 Fast Track Photographer books.

What’d he say?

  1. Instagram
    There were other great photo sharing apps before Instagram showed up on the scene but none quite got the experience right. Instagram felt more like a twitter did only instead of photos being an add-on, it was central. I like that.
  2. Pro HDR [Android friendly!]
    I think HDR is just beginning and I love what it’s pointing to. When friends like Trey Ratcliff are creating epic HDR art, it’s tempting to tap out but apps like Pro HDR make making ghetto HDR pretty accessible and fun.
  3. 8mm
    I know it’s moving pictures but I really do dig the old school feel of the videos it makes. Awesome.

Kevin Systrom

beforeWho’s Kevin? One of the smarties that founded Instagram.

What’d he say?

  1. Diptic
    I love stringing together a series of events in panels to post on Instagram. Best part? It’s already square format.
  2. TiltShift
    I love playing with faux depth of field, contrast, saturation, etc. Makes my food pictures look even tastier
  3. Instagram
    Of course you didn’t think I wasn’t going to mention this right? 3.75 million users in 6 months. Love the community. It’s inspiring to see.

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