Wear Your Photos on Your Feet!


Barefoot Betty’s been shoeless for years… And we can’t take it anymore.

If anything’s gonna convince her to slip into something, it’s the Keds Studio, where she can design her own shoes with her photos.

Each part of the shoe is customizable, from the canvas panels, the stitching, to the lining and midsole. There are four different women’s and kids’ Keds styles to choose from and Betty can include text, if she feels like it.

Our first design above (just for her) features one image of blurred headlights (sides and heel), jet black details, and a close-up of a scary plant (upper).

Some other ideas:

  • Pics of your bare toes and sides of your feet, placed accordingly.
  • Your loved one’s cheery face staring back up at you all day.
  • Perfect for Halloween: skeleton feet as shoes.
  • Do a handstand without moving!
  • Take a picture of yourself from between your feet. Tada! Your shoes are mirrors.

First-Ever Customizable-with-Photos Shoe!

P.S. Dudes: not available to you yet, sorry. If you’re jonesing for unique kicks, check out Vans’ custom shoes, where you can at least choose your own colors. For hand-painted shoesies, try Your Kicks or Slip-Offs.