Valentine’s Day: 5 Fun Ways to Share Your Love With Photos!

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Valentine’s Day: that special day each year when we get to show our cameras (or *cough* loved ones) how much we ♥ them.

Whether you have a valentine or not, it’s a great time to give love (and chocolate!) to your friends, GF/BF, family, or yourself. Just keep your hands off our Leica, she’s spoken for! ;)

With that in mind, what better time to round up some feel-good photo projects than Valentine’s Day?

We’ve whipped up a quick batch of our sweetest photo projects to shower your friends, loved ones, and walls with photo love!

Read on for secret valentine film rolls, origami photo hearts, color-me-in photography valentine cards, and even more (omg).

The Secret Photo Valentine

beforeHave a secret someone you want to surprise this Valentine’s Day? Why not make a valentine with your camera?

Load a brand new roll of film into your camera and start snapping photo-messages to your special somebody.

You might want to try holding up hand written love messages, photographing all the places you went on dates together, or taking pics of all your shared favorite things to remember (like trampoline park-stravaganza 2k15!).

When you’re done, wrap your exposed roll of film in colored paper or tape, and send it on it’s way to your sweetie with special directions on when to get it developed.

The Photo Booth Photo Crawl

beforeWhether it’s a first date or a 50th anniversary, there’s no better way to bond than over photos.

Going on a photo booth crawl around your city is a great way for you and your special somebody to spend time getting to know each other – while taking tons of pics!

Flying solo? A photobooth is also a great way to make valentines greetings for your friends. Bring props and a pair of scissors to cut up the photo strip, and you’ll instantly have 4 unique photo greetings to share. (Or send a 4-photo sequence to an extra special someone.)

We made ours on our Mac’s Photo Booth app; it’s a handy alternative for photo boothing at home.

… Is a simple Valentine’s photo booth too easy for ya? Check out this adorable collection of photo booth proposals if you’ve got something shiny up your sleeve. ;)

A Picture Shaped Like Love

beforeWant a fast project you can share with your friends, use to decorate, or give as gifts?

Simple origami hearts out of photographs are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday, so grab some photos and get ready to fold!

Use any sized photo you like! Just cut it into a square shape, and follow this simple online guide to fold a perfect origami heart.

You can easily fold photos of any type, but for best results you might want to try folding photos that are printed on plain paper first. The thinner the paper, the easier to fold!

Tuck a note inside your heart shaped photo, give one as a gift, or shower someone with a hundred photo hearts! (We suggest a bucket-full carefully placed on a door ledge. Muahaha.)

The Heart Shaped Photo Box

beforeWhether you’re giving or receiving chocolates this year, you can easily use photos to make ’em even more special.

For a fun and easy to make heart shaped photo box, simply cover the top of your chocolate box with glue (or glue stick), paste on your favorite photos, and trim off the extra with scissors or a sharp blade.

It’ll make your chocolatey gifts more personal, and also give you a reason to keep your own heart shaped box all year long!

Extra Tip: For a fun Valentine’s twist on our office photo pranks project, try photographing an empty box of chocolates and pasting it on the lid of a full box.

Think Pink! See Red!

beforeLooking for a fun project that shows off your holiday spirit and mad photo skillz at the same time?

Try squeezing as much red (and/or pink, magenta) as you possibly can into a photo (bonus points for a self-portrait!)

Don’t just stop at red clothing or a red backdrop, we’re talkin’ about going all-out! (Why not give face painting a whirl? Or hold a red only themed tie-dye party to prepare?)

Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, share it with us! Upload your favorite shot to twitter, tumblr, or facebook and tag it with “#photojojored”.

Even More Lovely Ideas for You to Try:

  • Set up a diptych project with a friend! Have each person snap a photo to interact with the other! (Have one friend high-five to the left side of the frame, and another high-five to the right so they match up!)
  • Combine photos of you and your other half to see what your babies might look like!
  • Decorate these rad color-me-in Valentines from designer Yellow Heart Art.
  • Show your love with a photo cupcake or cookie! Follow our quick guide for step-by-step instructions and paste your love’s face onto something sweet!
  • Download and fold-together these cute colored papercraft cameras and use them as a cute package for the camera loving Valentine in your life.
  • Get even more creative with your camera! Make a photo love note using this awesome technique to photograph words that assemble into a message on your contact sheet!
  • Fill your photos with lots of love! Break out your Bokeh Kit and fill the background of your photos with hearts everywhere! ♥