Unchartered Photography: 7 AM Portraits

7 AM is a whoooole other dimension.

It’s a land of poofy hair, sleepy eyes, and disheveled jammies (with an occasional appearance of a bad-breathed grouch).

In a stroke of genius, Meredith Andrews decided she was going to venture into this uncharted land. Yes, it was terrifying, but like a brave, camera-wielding Magellan, she did it!

She woke people up and photographed them in their sleepiest state.

The resulting photos are full of squints, grimaces, and yawns — photos that most would answer with the delete key.

But looking at her portraits reveals something pretty amazing: we’re one and the same! Everyone gets sleepy, and everyone looks funny in the morning. And that’s kind of great.

We hope Meredith will inspire you to jostle your loved ones awake tomorrow for an early Tuesday morning photo session. They’ll LOVE it. Promise. ;-)

Meredith Andrews – Sleep/Wake [via Art Sponge]

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