Two New Impossible Project Instant Films! PX 600 Silver Shade & PX 70 Color Shade

Harvest moons, nippy weather, technicolor leaves.

*Sigh* This is what fills us with the fuzzy nostalgia of turkey days of autumns past.

But that’s not the only thing this time of year makes us miss. It was almost exactly a year ago that the last Polaroid films expired.

Some might call it a miracle then that only one year later The Impossible Project has developed two *new* ground-breaking instant films.

And Photojojo’s the first and only shop to bring them to you! Presenting the PX 600 Silver Shade and PX 70 Color Shade Films.

PX 600 Silver Shade

Stable and consistent, this version is a step up from the First Flush of Silver Shade.

This sepia-toned monochrome film delivers dreamy, warm-toned prints.

And, you’re in luck! This gorgeous film is optimized to be used with the most popular Polaroid cameras – the 600 series.

PX 600 Silver Shade
$22 per pack in The Photojojo Shop

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PX 70 Color Shade

The Impossible Project’s first instant color film!

No one thought it could be done – but Impossible gathered up their best German chemists and did it!

This beauty has a soft, desaturated look similar to expired Time Zero film and is optimized for SX-70 Polaroid cameras.

PX 70 Color Shade
$44 per 3 pack in the Photojojo Shop

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