Turn your photos into a custom sketch: The best $1 you will ever spend

Custom Sketch Example The almighty dollar doesn’t go as far as it once did, but many of life’s pleasures can still be had for a buck: a candy bar, a cold soda on a hot day, a portrait commissioned by a talented artist…

Say what?

Yeah, seriously. Commisioned artwork is no longer just for aristocrats. In fact, you can commission your very own ink, pencil, or watercolor sketch today, for only ONE DOLLAR. It’s a snap:

  1. Send a link to a photo you took to Scott Moore’s Sketch-It. Portraits, pets, houses, whatever it is, they’ll draw it. (No link? Email the file. Special request? Just type it in!)
  2. Pay a buck via Pay Pal (or credit card.)
  3. Sit back and wait for your art to arrive!

As Scott says: “Print it out. Color it. Use it as your next avatar. It’s up to you. It’s the hot new thang — a Sketch-it sketch. Tell your friends.”

It’s better than anything you’ll find at the dollar store. We guarantee it.

Sketch-It — Custom Sketches for a buck!

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myDaVinci – You’ll pay at least 50 times more, but you’ll get a few more style and frame options for your money. Worth a look.