Turn Your Phone into a Pro Grade Cam with 30x Zoom

You have a fondness for mash-ups: Girl Talk, golden doodles, waffle tacos!

Bring the best of two worlds together again with the new QX30 from Sony, a lens that’ll shoot DSLR quality pics and connect to your phone to give you the instant shareability of … well, your phone!

The newest of Sony’s QX family, the QX30 gives you 30x optical zoom (way better than your phone’s pixelly digital zoom) and is an entire camera on its own with a flash, memory card and video capabilities.

Use your phone as a viewfinder whether the lens is clipped onto the phone or detached for more uniquely angled shots.

The lens snaps pics and sends ’em directly to your phone for instant editing and sharing of all your mashup experiments: roller blade tennis anyone?

Snap Up the QX30 or Its Big Brother QX100