Tired of Your Head? Make a New One Out Of Records and Money!

money and vinyl

Remember when you grew yourself a new head in a petri dish, and it all went horribly wrong, and they called in the National Guard? No? Hmmm… must’ve been someone else.

The point is, there’s a much easier way to get a new look:

Get a picture of yourself, fold a dollar bill in half, and put it over half of your face. Positively presidential.

Too punk rock to be co-opted by the almighty dollar? Hold a record sleeve up in front of your face and have somebody take a picture. Wow, Iggy looks really good on you.

It’s the noggin-swappin’ phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe, and Photojojo’s here to show you how it’s done.

Get a New Face In Seconds Flat

Doing It With a Dollar Bill

Kenny Rogers

Finally, a way to turn your friends and relatives into dead presidents without the headache of electing and assassinating them.

Some tips for making the dollar bill trick work:

  1. Choose a picture with a pose similar to the portrait on the bill you want to use. Most portraits on U.S. currency turn slightly towards the right (except for crazy ol’ Alexander Hamilton).
  2. Change the size of your chosen picture in Photoshop if the scale isn’t quite on the money (haw haw haw).
  3. Pick the presidential hairdo that suits you best: Is it George Washington’s sleek bob? Andrew Jackson’s devil-may-care mane and festive eyebrows?

For examples, see the Gallery of Celebrity Money!

Doing It With a Record

Elvis Aron Presley

This seems simple enough, but there’s a little finesse to selecting the right album to replace your face.

  1. Look for a portrait around the same size as your head, and wear clothes that look like they match.
  2. Have the person taking your picture tweak the angles until the illusion is complete.
  3. Try putting a new head on your dog, or your cat, or your baby.

The record-sleeve-over-your-face phenomenon appears to be taking over the world (or at least the U.K.). There’s a Sleeveface™ website, a Sleeveface™ group on Flickr, and a Sleeveface™ group on Facebook. And yeah, that’s a trademark symbol on “Sleeveface™”. For real.

If you really want to know how to do it right, check out the video tutorial.

It’s funny… and it’s British!