Three DIY Digital Photo Frames: Take Your Pick, $100, $80, or $40

Digital Photo Frames are the cat’s meow. Instead of dealing with messy inkjets or online photo printers, your pix go straight from your camera to the frame.

What could be sweeter?

How about building one yourself?

Sure, you can buy a pretty decent digital photo frame for about $200 now, but if you’ve got the parts lying around, or know your way around eBay and want to get your hands dirty, you can do better. Here’s a few options.

(And hey, even if soldering irons and circuit boards aren’t your thing, chances are you know someone who would really dig this. Pass it along–they may just make one for you!)

$100 DIY Digital Photo Frame from Scratch
$100 + some eBay time = a decent frame with a 5″ screen. [via MAKE]

$80 DIY Flickr/WiFi-enabled Photo Frame from an Old Laptop
One old laptop + $80 = a really sweet frame with a large LCD, WiFi, and Flickr integration!

See also… The $40 el-cheapo DIY digital photo frame on Photojojo Uncut.