The Ultimate Tool for Street Photography, Kid Photography, and the Camera-Shy

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Spy Lens
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There’s something about pointing a professional-looking SLR camera at people that makes them pay attention.

And when you’re aiming for candid, unposed shots, attention’s a bad thing.

Enter our Super Secret Spy-Lens.

Shooting street photography, photo-reportage wedding photography, or just the kids in their natural habitat? The Spy Lens and its precision-made 90 degree mirror assembly let you go undetected.

How? The Spy Lens attaches to the end of any zoom lens and has a cut-out on the side. Point off into the distance and your subject thinks you’re shooting straight ahead, but you’re really shooting to the side. (Choose which direction by rotating the Spy Lens.)

We hear it’s 007’s lens of choice.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens
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