The Ultimate NYC Photo Adventure

Packing photo gear for a trip can be a daunting endeavor. You’ll want to return with perfect photos, but just how do you make that happen?

Our pal, Brandon, braved the crowds and dodged NYC traffic to photograph some of New York City’s most iconic spots. He returned with amazing photos! So we asked him – Just how did he do it?

Find out what gear he brought along on his jam packed day to make his photo-heavy trip effortless, unique and to make the memories last a lifetime.


The sleek, minimal design of the Any Bag Camera Bag Insert didn’t add any bulk to his messenger bag, but held everything Brandon needed for his trip around NYC.

The durable and waterproof waxed canvas shell made him feel at ease near water and rocky terrain alike.

Bryant Park is filled with office workers on sunny weekdays, city visitors on the weekends and revelers during the holidays.

Only the iPhone Wrist Strap could have kept Brandon’s phone safe from the unforgiving waters at the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain.

Times Square is the most visited place in the world and famous for its New Year’s Eve ball drop! It is a major center for tourism, show business, and commerce.

Brandon popped on the Super Fisheye Lens from our Photojojo Lens Series and pointed it towards the sky for this extreme shot of the concrete jungle!

Grand Central Station is cavernous and usually filled with bustling crowds rushing to make their train or meeting at the recognizable four-faced clock in the center of the concourse.

The Wide Angle Lens allowed Brandon to capture the elaborately decorated astronomical ceiling as well as side corridors.

By the afternoon, Brandon’s iPhone was running out of juice. Thankfully, he had backed a Bolt. It stores twice as much power as most pocket-sized batteries and charges straight from a wall socket.

With the Bolt Charger, you’ll never miss another photo opportunity or call from bae.

With flexible legs that stand up or twist around anything for stability, the GorillaPod Mobile fits any smartphone for the tricky self portrait, group shot, low light, long exposure, or even timelapse!

Brandon busted this li’l guy out in Central Park and took in some of that lovely big city nature!

Mid-adventure, Brandon paused to print out some of his shots with the Instax Printer! He filled his pockets with photos to share with friends, take home as souvenirs, or mail to granny in the woods.

The Instax Printer is controlled by a free app, battery powered, and prints pocket sized photos on legit film. AMAZING! (Bee not included.)

No need to stop photoing when the sun goes down. Or when you’re backlit. Or ever.

Who’s got a pocket full of sunshine? Brandon does! And, you can too.

The Pocket Spotlight gives portable, predictably even, soft light for up to an hour via USB charge. So Brandon photo-ed well into the adventure filled evening.

We <3 NY

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