The SLR Pinhole Body Cap: Transform Your DSLR into a Pinhole Camera!

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We often forget that photography comes down to one delightfully simple equation: hole + box = photo.

A pinhole is all it takes!

And now we can have all the gorgeous lo-fi pinhole photos we’ve dreamed of with the SLR Pinhole Body Cap.

The Pinhole Body Cap’s wizadrous powers magically transform our DSLR into a pinhole camera (it works with film SLRs, too!), supplying us with a never ending stream of dreamy-fied photos.

And the best part is that we can instantly view our pinhole photos!

It’s specially designed with a *precision perfect* pinhole for just the right diffusion and a plate that keeps our delicate camera insides safe from evil little dust particles.

You can just call our camera a DSLRa obscura (or something like that)!

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