The More the Merrier!Group Photo Tips and Ideas

What’s better than a photo of a loved one?

A group photo of a BUNCH of loved ones!

But simply standing around and saying cheese? Yawn. We rounded up group photo ideas that will have everyone running, dancing, and more.

Whether you’re shooting pics of your pals or preparing for family holiday cards, you’ll get a kick out of these ideas and their unique results!


How-To Tips

beforeFirst and foremost, we have fundamental photo-taking pointers so your group shots will look fun and professional!

1. Making sure everyone is properly exposed is easiest when they’re all in the same amount of light. Move everyone into the shade or have ’em all shine bright in the sunlight. Either way, keep it consistent!

before2. If you’re rocking a DSLR, keep everyone in focus by using a smaller aperture (which means a higher number, like f/8 instead of f/2.8). Everyone will be nice and sharp, even if they’re not all equal distance from the camera.

3. Shoot multiple frames per second with “burst mode” on DSLRs, or by holding down the shutter button on iPhones. If someone blinks mid-shot, there’s a good chance you’ll still have several other perfect pics. Whew!

before4. Wanna be in the shot? Bribe a friend (with candy, maybe?) to take some pics, or pick up a shutter remote so you can keep clicking away from in front of the camera.

5. If you’re using a shutter remote or self-timer, a tripod is key. Good thing we have a variety to choose from in the shop, like this wooden tripod or this handy compact tripod. And of course the flexible GorillaPod for your phone!

Now, onto the ideas!

1. Dance and…FREEZE

beforeGet cool and unusual poses that rival those of top fashion models.

How To Do It?
Vote on a song that everyone agrees is irresistible to dance to. Pull it up on your phone, play it as loud as possible, and let the booty-shaking begin.

Randomly yell “freeze!” and have everyone stop mid-boogie to smile at the camera. Make sure they all keep the pose they froze in!

2. What Camera?

beforeMix the magic of candid portraits with the perfection of posed shots! (We’ve talked about this before.)

How To Do It?
Have the group stand or sit in a semi-circle so that you can see everyone’s faces. Tell them to exchange their fave jokes and pretend the camera isn’t even there.

They may feel silly but that just means they’re more likely to laugh so you’ll be able to capture some authentic and beautiful smiles.

3. Run Here! Now Run There!

This will be a fun action shot if you can stop laughing long enough to take the photo!

How To Do It?
Tell your friends to link arms and run towards the camera. It’s likely that they’ll run at different speeds, which means tons of confusion, tons of laughter, and tons of wind in the hair. Snap away!

Then have your friends turn around and run away from you while looking over their shoulders and smiling at the camera. Click!

4. Super Spontaneous Poses

beforeWhen there’s not enough time to overthink your pose, there’s more time to just have fun!

How To Do It?
First choose where you want to take the photo and point your camera in that direction. Have the entire group stand behind the cam with you.

Once you start the self-timer (no more than 5 seconds), instruct everyone to run in front of the camera and strike a pose before the shutter goes off!

5. Put Your Left (And Right) Foot In

beforeShowcase everyone’s individuality while also capturing similarities!

How To Do It?
Have everyone, yourself included, stand together in a super close circle with toes pointed in. Shoot downward so all you see are legs and shoes!

You can also have everyone stand in a row with toes pointed toward the camera. Shoot from ground level so you don’t miss any details.

Taking it Further


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