The Game of Photo-opoly! — Customize Your Own Board Game with Your Photos


Uncle Herman may be a greedy, monopolistic tycoon, but you’re the one with the deed for your sister Betty’s dusty old garage.

In the game of Photo-opoly, it doesn’t matter if you own Boardwalk or Park Place – because it’s your photos and memories in the game instead!

Photo-opoly lets you make the game; with everything you need to make a customized version of your own ‘opoly, just add your photos!

If you’re planning on spending some time with the fam this holiday, you may have just found the perfect pastime.

Photo-opoly includes board, playing pieces, dice, cash and cards, a glue stick for adding your photos onto property lots and deeds, simple instructions, and a photo cutting guide to slice your photos to size.

Photo-opoly – Yeah, it’s like the original. Only way more awesome.

Photo-opoly – Custom Board Game from Your Photos
A customized photo-opoly board is the perfect “warm, fuzzy memory”-inducing gift for even the grouchiest in your life.