The DIY Stone Photo Holder: Make a Rad Photo Display for Under $5

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Pet rocks were the best: your mom didn’t get mad at you if you forgot to feed them, they didn’t chew on your favorite sneakers, and they didn’t need to be house-trained.

What’s just as easy to handle and shows off your favorite snaps?

Why, stone photo holders of course!

Yup, stones aren’t just for throwing, skipping, or keeping as pets—they also help make some rad photo holders.

Your ol’ pebble pets are getting upgraded to photo rock star status with this easy DIY.

Show Off Your Pics with DIY Stone Photo Holders

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Why This Rocks

beforeThese stone photo holders are a cheap, easy, and green way to show off your photos.

Why should frames be your default displaying option? These photo holders are one-of-a-kind, and they make it super easy to switch photos in and out.

They’d also make sweet & simple gifts to your best photo pals.

Les Ingredients:

  • Medium-sized stones
  • Green, cloth-covered florist wire sticks (we got ours at Michaels)
  • Wire cutters
  • Something cylindrical to bend wire into a round, coil shape—we used a glue pen
  • The awesome photos you want to display

STEP 1: Rock Rinse

beforeMake sure your stones are clean from dirt, dust, & bugs.

Give them a good rinse with water & lay them out to dry.

While you’re waiting for them to dry, think of cool names for your new mineral buddies. We’ve got Ferdinand, Maximilliano, & Ted so far.

STEP 2: Wire Wrap

beforeOnce your stones are cleaned & dried, you’re ready to wrap the floral wire around your stones.

First, bend one end of the wire around the bottom of one of your stones.

Then, twist that end up & around to meet with the rest of the wire on the other side of the stone.

Make sure the wire is wrapped as tightly as you can get around the stone so it doesn’t slip off the stone.

Note: Floral wire is pretty flexible, but if you’re having some trouble wrapping n’ bending, some flat-nosed pliers will help ya out.

STEP 3: Snippin’ Time

beforeThe rest of the wire sticking out from the stone will be the part that holds up & grips onto your photo.

If you find this wire to be too tall, use the wire cutters to snip off wire until you get the height you want for your photo holders.

STEP 4: Do the Coil

beforeNow, take the end of the wire that’s sticking out from the stone and wrap it about 2 times around your coil-making guide—in this case, our glue pen.

STEP 5: Put a Photo in It

beforeSlip your photo between the wire coils you made in Step 4.

Ta-da! You’ve just made one awesome photo holder.

Repeat the steps above to your other stones to add to your collection of photo-holding stone stars.

Keep Rocking On

  • Think your stone photo holders could use some more pizazz? Decorate them with paint and/or paint pens to jazz ’em up to your liking.
  • Stones aren’t the only objects you can wrap wire around to make photo holders! We made with a seashell and a glass bottle, as shown above.
  • Stick the wires in an old branch to make a branch photo holder—another lovely, natural option to stones.
  • Spools & wooden blocks also make some neat bases for DIY photo holders!

This crafty DIY is the brainchild of Danny Seo! See the original tutorial here.