The Camera Folder and Tokyo Dreamer Strap

Huzzah! We’ve got two new goodies this week that’ll surely amp your photo taking look.

One is a soft and cozy place for a camera that’s clearly labeled to serve your memory. The other straps to your cam, dripping it with quirky Tokyo street style.

We love them both dearly. So welcome them with open arms, fashionable photog.

      Camera Folder

A camera case shaped like a file folder with cushioned fleece lining a teeny weeny cursor pin. What else do you need? A cell phone shaped like a banana? Right.

Camera Folder
$18 in The Photojojo Shop

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Tokyo Dreamer Strap

Fills the void between your camera’s strapping necessity and your flawless sense of style. It even has a pocket for extra film or memory cards!

The Tokyo Dreamer Strap
$24 at the Photojojo Store

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