The Blender Pen — Magic Wand of Image Transfers

blenderpen.jpgWe love putting photos on stuff. Now if only dining room tables, tiles, backpacks, and notebooks would fit in our inkjet…

Behold, the Blender Pen.

It won’t exactly let you cram a backpack into your inkjet, but it’s close enough. Thanks to the miracle of modern science, and powerful-yet-safe-if-used-correctly solvents, all you need for quick-and-dirty photo transfers is a photocopy of your image and a $4 blender pen.

A blender pen transfer works great on all kinds of fabrics, tile, paper, wood, copper, linoleum, and a variety of other materials. And it won’t leave that plastic texture that old inkjet transfers sometimes did.

Check out the moleskin notebooks, fabric pouches, and quilts people have personalized with this purty pen.

Cheap, fun, and easy–our favorite words.

How to Make Photo Transfers with Blender Pens [via our friends at DIY:Happy]

p.s. Get your (clear) blender pen at a local art supply store or order it online. (If they sell out, try these guys.)