The Best Roundups of the Best Photos of 2009

Ready to throw yourself in a heap across the finish line of yet another decade?

Say goodbye to the Nads and hello to the Tweens with our roundup-roundup: the best photos of 2009 as chosen by experts at Time, National Geographic, Billboard, and more.

Of course, it’s fun to reminisce about Twitpics of planes on the Hudson, or to imagine that there could have been life before Glee.

But it’s even more fun to imagine the photo-ops that await us in the new year.

Your mission: Say a proper goodbye to 2009, and go make two-thousand-and-awesome the best photo year yet!

The Best Roundups of the Best Photos of 2009

Outdoor Photos

National Geographic’s Best Earth Photos of 2009 are just that: a glowing, explosive reminder that we planet atop which you stand is the very best Earth there is.


Runners up:

Science Images

Discover Magazine’s top space-photos of 2009 evoke what Carl Sagan called “not a sunrise, but a galaxy-rise.”


Runners up:

Art & Culture Photos

Prom season 2009 as captured by an annual celebration of impractical hairstyles and aspirational mustaches.


Runners up:

Sports Photos

As chosen by the experts at Dammage Control, there’s no word for what The 10 Best Mixed Martial Arts Photos of 2009 deliver other than “impact.”


Runners up:

World News Photos

2009 in Photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture made us gasp so hard that we got light-headed and had to collapse onto our fainting couch.


Runners up:

Top Photos of 2010

Oh, hey, that’s right — a whole new year is about to start! Get to work, photogs!