The Amazing Picture-Takin’ Geotaggin’ Solar-Powered Super Bike

Flickr bike

It’s purple. It’s solar-powered. And we’ve got one right here at the Photojojo Workatorium.

What could it be? Why, it’s a super-duper GPS camera bike with special Flickr sauce!

It has a built-in camera mounted on the handlebars that takes pictures as you ride, then automatically geotags and uploads them to its very own Flickr stream.

The only downside to this brilliant bike is that only 20 of them were made, and most of them are already in the clutches of the digerati.

So, how can you get your mitts on one? Choose one of the following:

  • A. Waylay an unsuspecting Photojojo drone and ply us with wine-coolers until we confess the secret coordinates of our precious purple bike.
  • B. Enter the Purple Pedals giveaway contest and win one of your very own.
  • C. Make your own DIY version!

If you answered B or C, we like you. If you answered A, we raise a suspicious eyebrow at you and move the bike to extra-extra-secret coordinates.

How The Solar-Powered GPS Camera Bike Was Made

Make Your Own Camera Bike (the Easy Way)
Adding an Eye-Fi Explore card will automatically geotag and upload your photos, just like the fancy bikes do.

p.s. Contest time everybody! Post your most beauteous nature photos and win an amazing tripod from Trek-Tech. Enter here by October 31st!

p.p.s. If you’re going to be in Austin, TX this weekend (Oct. 18-19) stop by Maker Faire and say hi to Uncommon Projects, the smart kids who made the Purple Pedals bikes.