Ten Times a Backup Power Bank Will Really Save the Day

  • 1. When you’re sight seeking and snapping pics all day long.
  • 2. When your bed is just a bit too far from that wall outlet.
  • 3. When you forgot your bluetooth speaker, so your put your phone in an empty bowl to play tunes. (It really works!)
  • 4. When you’re on a long road trip and there’s only one charger in the car.
  • 5. Airports, airplanes, spaceports, spaceships and the like.
  • 6. Multi-day camping expeditions.
  • 7. A particularly snap-worthy day – like when you mastered your winged eyeliner, met that puppy, ran into Tom Hanks on the street, baked a picture perfect cake, and saw a double rainbow.
  • 8. When you’re capturing a video of that amazing trick shot … and it takes a few tries.
  • 9. When you need to use your phone flashlight to find your way out of the woods.
  • 10. When you’re waiting for the next Photojojo newsletter and you just keep checking your mail every minute.