Teach Your Dog To Take A Selfie

Ever wonder what Fido gets up to while you’re away?

Teach your pup to selfie, and all you’ll have to do is follow Mr. Muffins on Instagram to keep tabs.

Yes, your dog can take selfies!

Our Pal Anna Jane of NYC’s School for The Dogs has been teaching dogs this skill (her pooch Amos is quite a pro). She’s kindly agreed to to let you in on just how it’s done.

Convincing your furball to update their Instagram on the regs, is up to you.

How To Teach Your Dog to Selfie

p.s. Help! Anna Jane’s School for the Dogs’ building burned down. So she is raising funds to give the doggies of New York a new place to go for training (and fun). Throw her a (metaphorical) bone, wouldya? Visit her fundraising site.

What You’ll Need:


  • A Dog (dogs available here)
  • An iPhone or iPad
  • A Ziplock Bag That’ll Fit Your iThing
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dog Treats
  • The Big Camera Button App
  • Optional: a Dog Training Clicker

STEP 1: Prep the Apparatus

before Put your iPhone or iPad into a ziplock bag and put a tiny bit of peanut butter over the screen part.

(Not too keen to mix food and technology? You can teach your dog with a decoy phone instead)!

STEP 2: Teach Touch


Show your pup your peanut flavored phone and as soon (s)he touches it, say a verbal affirmation (or click your dog training clicker) and give ‘em a treat + pats on the head + extra love.

STEP 3: Keep up the Good Work

beforeRepeat step 2 till Fido/Fifi has a good idea that whenever they go for that peanut butter on your phone, they hear a click/affirmation and get a treat.

STEP 4: Lose the Crutch


After they get the hang of it, you can lose the peanut butter and the ziplock.

Hold out your phone and when they give it a nose tap (or lick) give ‘em praise (and more treats too).

STEP 5: Fire Up The Camera

beforePull up the Big Camera Button app.

Hit Menu and make sure it’s shooting from the front facing camera.

Choose the “Big Button” mode to turn your entire screen into a shutter button.

Then turn on “Burst” mode to raise your chances of getting a good pic.

STEP 6: Baby’s First Selfie

beforeHold your phone out to your dog.

This time when they perform their new trick, your camera will take their photo.

Your dog just created a photographic self portrait (aka a selfie)! Good Dog.

Taking It Further


  • Fire up the “App For Dog” painting app and turn your dog into the next Pooch Picaso (iOS/Android).
  • Use the Yes/No App to let your mutt make decisions for you. It displays a randomized yes or no with just one tap.
  • Help Anna Jane rebuild NYC’s School for the Dogs! Even if you don’t have a pooch of your own, you can help the dogs of New York City get on the selfie train (and learn a bunch of other fun skills too). Donate now!
  • Live in NYC? Head to Anna Jane’s School for a lesson.