Take that Frame Off-the-Wall and Frame Your Shots in Style

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One frame to frame them all!

Quick! Reach between the couch cusions, empty out the change jar, run down to the thrift store, and splurge on one fabulous frame to fancy up all your photos.

We were inspired to hit the streets, frame in hand, by the work of Geo Geller, who shoots with a frame in each of his shots.

So get into the right frame of mind and read our tips!

Our Off-the-Wall Guide for Fantastic Framing
(via reader Michael Galpert)

Find a frame

Any frame will do for this project.

We found tons of great options at our local thrift store. And you can always look around online, where options abound.

You want it to be small enough to fit in the shot if you hold it out at arms length in front of your camera, and big enough to fit a friend’s face.

We found a typical friend’s face to fit nicely in an 8×10 frame.

Take it out on the town

Simply hold the frame out in front of your camera or have a passing stranger hold the frame up for you.

A friendly grin and a polite “please,” will convince just about anyone to hold up a frame for a minute.

Not sure who to ask? We’ve found that a person with a camera around their neck is usually more than willing to do a favor for a fellow photographer.

Frame your Friends

Once your arm gets tired from holding your frame out in front of the camera, pass the frame around to friends and neighbors and let them do the heavy lifting.

They can frame themselves, frame each other, frame the dog.

Play a quick game of how-many-friendly-faces-fit-in-one-frame?

Think outside the box

Box, Frame, same idea. Some people will assume that if they’re not behind the frame, their not in your shot.

The area outside of the frame can be even more interesting than what’s in it.

Catch your friends’ true reactions to your photographic antics.

Technical Tips:

If you’re shooting a bright scene, but you’re standing in the shade, use the flash to brighten up the frame.

Focus Carefully
Make sure to focus on your subject before you hold the frame in the shot. If you’re using auto focus your lens might focus on the frame and not the intended subject.

Have Fun Framing!


Take it further

  • Watch Geo’s Video of a New York City framing frenzy for inpriration.
  • Some people get all photoshoppy about it (editing only the area within the frame), with some pretty cool results .
  • Photo Credits: digobaptista and mcdermottd