Sweet Photo Project Ideas for the New Year!

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The Holidays are over: all the eggnog has been drunk and the presents opened.

Some of you have already had coffee, grabbed your new camera and are ready for a photo challenge for the coming year.

Or maybe some of you are still in your jammies whilst Instagramming your new fuzzy slippers.

Well, we’ve got some amazing photo projects to inspire and motivate you all!

From daily year-long endeavors to self-portraits and solargraphs, there’s a project that’ll suit your photo personality.

Photo Projects for a Snappy New Year

1. Photo Ideas for the Self-Portraitist

Are your self-portrait photos a daily habit, scheduled between having coffee & combing your hair? Or are you looking to start the habit? Well, here are some awesome examples of folks who’ve experimented with photographic self-portraiture.

  • Take A Self-Portrait Everyday: Noah Kalina started taking a photo of himself since he was 19 back in 2000, and hasn’t stopped since! He posts them on his web site, and there’s also a video of all his portraits.

    If you’re wondering, “How the heck does he line himself up consistently for every picture?!” it’s cuz he uses a camera that has a flip screen to help him!

  • before

  • Layer Your Self-Portraits: Who says you have to view your photos one portrait at a time?

    For part of his grad project, Tiemen Rapati took clickflashwhirr’s portraits and did some Photoshop layering magic that put all 500 portraits in one!

2. A Photo Project For the Family Guy or Gal

beforeGot a fantastic family who’s pictures you just can’t snap enough?

Take photos of each family member once a year as a unique way to capture your family’s “growth” like photographer Diego Goldberg did in “The Arrow of Time.”

Mr. Goldberg has been taking a picture of his whole family once every June 17th since 1976!

See the full photographic family timeline here.

3. Daily Photo Ideas for the Camera-Shy

Perhaps you’re a photographer whose personality is like that of an eager yet timid woodland squirrel—you’re nuts about photography, but you quickly scurry away to hide whenever anybody tries to snap a pic of you.

Well, here are projects within your natural comfort zone!

  • Take Daily Photos of Where You’re Standing: The hashtag for this photo group says it all— #fromwhereistand!

    Take a cue from Holly—aka the soupatraveler—and her own set of #fromwhereistand pictures, titled “Good Morning”!

    She made the photo-taking work with her daily morning habit, in which she enjoys a cup of coffee in her garden—a consistency that you’ll see in her set!

  • before

  • Take Daily Photos of Your Favorite Lunch or Hang-out Spot: Have a place you like to lunch at or hang out on a daily or frequent basis?

    Take photos of the place or setting over a period of time & seasons, like Paul Octavius did in his “Same Hill, Different Day” series!

    This delightful project captures a hill in Chicago in different seasons, hosting a variety of activities, from kite festivals to Ghana soccer players at practice!

4. 365 for the iPhoneographer

beforeDo you tote around an iPhone, or did you just get one for Christmas?

Get Photo365—this app makes it super easy to keep track of your first (or third!) photo 365 project!

The Photo365 app lets you take photos directly from your camera or your camera roll, and you get the option of seeing all your daily pics in a handy monthly view!

5. A DIY Project for the Patient, Film Enthusiast

beforeAre the above photo project ideas just not hands-enough for ya?

Well then, we challenge you with capturing your own solargraph this year!

A solar-whaaaa?

A solargraph is basically the photo that results from a pinhole camera that’s designed for a six-month-long exposure!

Get the deets on how to make one yourself with Ilya’s handy tutorial here!

Solargraph featured was taken in Germany, a collaboration between Robert Fosbury & Tarja Trygg.

Take Your Year Further

  • Starting your first 365 photo project and feeling a little iffy on commitment? Get some encouragement & helpful tips from Taylor Knight’s Project 365 post.
  • The beautiful & touching photo collage featured above is from Karin Stack’s “Hair Stories,” in which she documents her hair growth following chemo.
  • Hey parents! Keep a photographic track of your cute kid’s growth & make a great video from all the photos like JAMagicFilms did with Natalie!
  • Check out “A History of the Sky”, a calming year-long time lapse video on the sky!
  • Videos not your thing? Make a coffee table book from all of your photos using our photo printing service, Parabo Press.