Super Keen Father’s Day Photo Gifts: Only the Best for Dear Old Dad

Whether you call him Pee, Kaka, Tata, Chichi, Babbu, or “My old Man”, you’ve probably got one, and he probably doesn’t hear from you often enough.

With Father’s Day just a couple weeks away, he’s counting on you to come through with yet another rocking tie.

But we know that you know that we know that you can do better this year, so we dug up a few photo-fab doodads we thought the old man might enjoy.

And hey, if it’s gotta be a tie, we’ve got one of those, too.

Photojojo’s Father’s Day Photo Gifts


For the man who taught you how to ride a bike, squirmed his way out of the birds and the bees talk, and gave you a keen appreciation for Die Hard movies, no gift is too extravagant. Here’s a few ideas to get you going:


The Photo Golf Ball
Photo Golf Ball
Next time dad hits the links, make sure he’s got shiny new balls to show off.

It took decades of research, but scientists have finally created the photo golf ball. Upload a photo of your choice, choose your father’s favorite brand, and order as few as a dozen balls.

Here’s a tip: Use a picture that’s gonna make your dad wanna hit that sucker hard. Think golfing buddies that never lose, presidents, ex-presidents, etc.


Sterling Silver Photo Cuff Links
Photo cufflinks
For the dandy dad, try these sterling silver photo cuff links. Think of ’em as little man-lockets.

Each cuff link opens to reveal a tiny photo you place inside, and a handsome wooden box accompanies the set. Each locket (and the box itself) can be monogrammed in a typeface of your choosing. Not bad at $60.

See also: These cuffs are less locket and more picture frame. At $160 a pair, they’re also more money.


Custom Photo Wine Bottles
Photo wine
If your dad always dreamed of quitting his job, moving to sun-drenched Napa Valley, and producing his own custom blend of high-end grape juice, the folks at Signature Wines can get him halfway there.

Signature lets you design a custom wine label, either by starting from one of several pre-designed templates and changing the text, or by using your own images. Select your wine, and they’ll slip the label on and ship ’em out.

Wine selection varies by state and the custom label is free; you just pay the cost of wine and shipping.


More, more, more…

When only a tie will do… upload your photo and make one yourself. Proceed with caution, photo ties can be ugly as sin if you’re not careful.

Update: Karina finds some great photography-related ties on Photojojo Uncut

Turn your portrait of dad into a custom sketch for only $1.

Need an idea for something junior can make for his dad? FamilyFun comes through with a couple easy and cute photo projects. This Father’s Day Photo Book project is another safe bet.

Lastly, learn how to say “dad” in 130 languages. You know, just in case.