Summertime Photo Tips and Inspiration

It’s here! It’s here! It’s time to memorialize our heroes and kick off the sunniest* season of them all.

No matter how you’re celebrating this weekend, we’ve got your packing list covered:

  • Sun screen
  • Camera
  • Photo tips and Inspiration

Fresh out of that last one? Follow us to a summer inspired link roundup. We’ve got tips for folks headed to the beach, the woods, the park, the amusement park, underwater or anywhere sunny.

Find Photo Inspiration for Your Memorial Day Weekend

*Sun not guaranteed in all locales.

Thrill Seekers

beforeHeaded to an amusement park? A little planning and a few props is all it takes to add pizzaz to those photos they’re always snapping mid-rollercoaster ride.

Be Inspired By 27 of the Very Best

Poolside Players

beforeSince the technology is out there to make your camera phone waterproof, why not brush up on underwater photoing techniques?

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Outdoor Eaters

beforeIf you’re headed to a picnic bring along a light diffuser for stunning outdoor food photos. Before you head out …

Learn How to Use the Thing

Outdoor Sleepers

beforeIf tents, mallows, chocolate and grahams are in your plans, we like the way you think! We just returned from a recent campventure and would love to share our photos with you.

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Beach Bums

beforeOur apologies for calling you a bum (why is that even a saying?).

If you’re spending the weekend on the sand, try throwing handfuls of it into the air and snapping pix like Claire Droppert did in her series Sand Creatures.

Browse Claire’s Photos For Inspiration

Sun Soakers

beforeIf you are headed anywhere that requires SPF (so, uh … outside!) you’ll want to adjust your photo taking strategy to incorporate that permanent flashbulb in the sky.

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