Summer Guide: Keep in Touch with Friends via Photo Apps!

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Prom, graduation, senior trips. It’s the end of the school year, and you’ve got the pictures to prove all those feats of studying, playing, and saying goodbye!

The only downside to summer? Everyone disperses!

Here’s how to keep in touch with your friends using what you love most — your photos.

Don’t let those photos just sit and gather digital dust. Check out these tips for creative ways to share those kodak moments from the past year and through the summer.

How to Keep in Touch with Photo Apps

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Why it’s cool:

ingred-smSummer is here, but it will be gone before you know it. Days will become a blur, and you don’t want to lose touch with your friends when you all head your separate ways.

These are quick, fun, easy ways to keep in touch using your pictures.

You’ve got all the tools at your fingertips … literally.

Bump It:

paint-smNo, not like the accessory for big amazing hair … we’re talking about an app.

Smartphone users can instantly share images (or contacts) from one phone to the next using Bump. Both users need to have the free app installed, and by a shake of the wrist, you can send info, pics, videos to your friend’s phone.

You can also “bump” images to your home computer. Now that’s a quick way to back em up. Yep, it’s available for the iPhone and Android.

Create a #Hashtag:

paint-smHow much does a hipster weigh?
An instagram. (zing!)

Well, for all you hip instagrammers, we’re sure you know about hashtags. But have you made one yourself?

Create a unique hashtag for you and your friends to contribute to. A hashtag can be anything. Just stick a # sign in front of it, and it creates a link to other photos tagged with the same phrase.

Use it for a party, an event, or the whole summer. To keep things personal, use a tag that isn’t already in use, like #photojojolovesyou. Or you can tag your pics with some popular hashtags to become part of a bigger photo collective. One of our favorite tags is #fromwhereistand.

Friends can view your collection online using Followgram or Webstagram. Both are websites that tap into your photostream and allow you to search users and hashtags.

Share those Photostreams

paint-sm You can’t keep them to yourself! And honestly, there are so many places to post images these days, it can be hard to keep up.

Pick one site to update regularly, and link those updates to your gazillion other social media sites. Most sites, like Tumblr, have settings for you to send your posts to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

Flickr allows you to embed your photosets on your website, and with Photobucket you can send slideshows to your Facebook page.

Keeping your Facebook cover image updated with recent pics can be a fun way to show your friends what you’ve been up to. We even have a tutorial for you on how to make an awesome cover image.

Hipstamatic Disposable Camera:

paint-sm This is a great way to share photos and adventures with friends.

The Hipstamatic Disposable app is available on iPhone. You can start a camera and invite friends to join it via email or Facebook.

Everyone shoots on the same roll of “film.” And just like those old film cameras, you can’t see any of the photos until the roll is finished. There are lots of options for film and camera types, just like your favorite hipstamatic settings.

Share your roll with friends as you travel across Europe, Central America, or your home state. When the roll is finished, each user will be notified. You can share your pics on Facebook or twitter, or just save them to your phone.

Snail Mail:

paint-sm Who doesn’t like getting something in the mail?

Postagram (on iPhone and Android) allows you to keep in touch in a traditional sense, but with a digital twist. This app taps into your instagram photos, and allows you to send a postcard to anyone for just 99 cents!

You select your photo, type a message and an address, and they print it and send it for you. Your friend can punch out the photo to keep. Bonus!

Other apps allow you to send a virtual postcard. We like Quiption for its graphic overlays on the iPhone. Save your image and text it to a friend, just to say I miss you or a quick ‘ello!

If you have an Android and want to play with text and photos that you can send as a postcard, try Postcard on the Run!

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