Square is Out, Circle is In — Circle-ize Your Photos with the Circle Cutter

Circle Cutter

Cassette tapes. Pop tarts. Refrigerator boxes. Your photos.

Rectangle and Square might have dibs on a lot of neat stuff, but that doesn’t mean Circle has to put up with it.

We think it’s high-time our pal Circle got some of the photo love. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect tool to make it happen: The Circle Cutter.

Using it is simple: adjust the (aptly-named) Circle Cutter to the size you want (it’ll do several, up to about 4″), put it on a regular ol’ dull rectangular photo, then turn the Cutter all around as it cuts. In no time flat, you’ve circle-ized your photo – not a 90-degree angle in sight!

Round just opens up a wide new realm of cool possibilities for photos – photo curtains (clip ’em together with the 30 included Foto-Clips), photo badges (circle-ize your photos and pin ’em on proudly), photo mobiles (cut ’em then hang ’em with some thread)… heck, Circle-izing makes the whole world possible (quite literally.)

We love you, old Circle friend. We’re right there with ya, and now, we’re pleased to say, our photos are too.

The Circle Cutter
Now on sale for $14 in the Photojojo Store!