Sneaky Ways to Avoid Camera Theft

The greatest days are full of fun photo ops, not bad guys creepin’ on your turf. Protect your gear!

Cover your phonecam in junky camouflage and trick those thieves into stealing something else less cool, like a stack of old CDs.

Go “normcore” and try carrying your fancy camera in a something less fancy, like a tote bag covered in cats.

Sometimes all you need are confusion tactics … like a picture of a bright pink donut on your fancy camera lens.

Learn Three Tricks For Outsmarting Camera Snatchers


You’ve got a pretty killer collection of photography gear building and your eye for capturing a good pic is out of this world! Unfortunately, someone else might have an eye for capturing things too.

Keep your gear safe, sound, and for your hands only with these tricks and get back to doing what you do best.


beforeWhen you’re out on vacation or in a busy spot, your camera will benefit from going incognito as a slightly less desirable camera.

Put scuffed up masking tape on your phone or camera and it will still take all the quality pics you want. While you keep your cool.

Learn To Camouflage Your Cam


beforeIf you want to keep your camera extra safe, tuck it into an Ona Bag Camera Bag Insert and then put THAT bag into ANOTHER less fancy bag.

Skip the designer labels and rhinestones and think “crumpled paper bag” instead.

Turn Any Bag You’ve Got Into a Camera Bag


beforeOk, there are more baddies out there trying to steal cameras than snacks … the Hamburgler excepted, of course.

Wrap up your lenses in protective (and tasty looking) Photoritos or adorn them with a sly Snack Cap. That should deter their thieving ways or in the very least blind them with cuteness.

Order up a Photorito or Snack Cap

Photo credit: connors934