Smokey Photo EFX Drops

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Taking a great photo is kinda like making magic happen — leave it to us to really Houdini the heck out if it.

Introducing our new Pro-Grade Smoke EFX Drops. Magical elixirs that give you the power to make smoke appear out of thin air enticing endless photo inspiration.

Smokey Photo EFX Drops 
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Wondering how they work? Brave the jump young apprentice!

What You’ll Need

  • Smoke efx Drops
  • Smoke Drop Receptacle (we’ll discuss this more later)
  • Somethin’ Smokin’ (well, soon to be)

Step One: Choose your victim

Non-smoking? Not any more!

Confound your friends with photos of magically fuming items, that aren’t typically smokers… ice cream?  a bar of soap?  a hamster?

Step Two: Raise Your Glass

It’s probably best not to go pouring Smoke efx Drops all over the carpet in your apartment, or directly into your hands…

These little drops can eat through paper or wood! We found it best to use something made of glass or ceramic to hold smoke drops behind whatever it is that you would like to smokify.

Step Three: Line up your shot

Find that sweet angle where your li’l bowl is outta sight.  

It’s best to get this all worked out before the mad science begins.

Step Four: Mix up the magic

Place a few drop of from bottle “A” in your handy drop receptacle.  Then drop in a little of mystery juice “B.”

It’s best to put your lovely assistant in charge of this step, so you can be ready to…

Step Five: Fire!

No, not that kind of fire!  

Fire off that shutter.  The drops will continue to smoke for a few seconds (depending on how many drops you have droppen), so you have time for a few clicks.

Bonus: Tips and tricks

  • Wind Resistance.  Smoke drops work best in a wind-free environment, so you can gently fan the smoke to move in the direction of your choosing.  Shut windows and doors while you’re shooting. But for the love of megapixels, open them up every so often so you don’t inhale too much fakey smoke.
  • Be warned! Like a magical toad, these drops are both magical and stinky. You’re going to want to be able to ventilate the area well, after you’re done shooting.
  • Make it quick.  If you’ve got your camera in manual, stick to faster shutter speeds to really capture the pretty shapes in the smoke. Just like trying to photograph a puppy, you’ll find smoke has a hard time keeping still during a shoot.

Double Bonus: Inspiration

  • Flip out!  Smoke typically travels up, but with a simple 180° rotation, you can have a foto of smoke pouring from a bottle, or your hands, or a shoe. Just like these great shots by the very talented flickrite Whisperwolf.
  • Keep it simple.  Photos of plain ol’ smoke can be works of art themselves. Especially when you use colored lights and gentle breezes to make strangly enchanting plumes.  Check out what our pal Nuzz did: Oh Wow!
  • Keep it movin’. This beautiful music video showed us that smoke can be pretty moving (pun fully intended).
  • Color us impressed. We really enjoyed what photographer Amar Rameshbabu was able to do to some really terrific smoke shots, by adding color with photo editing software.
  • One Billion Ideas. A couple of weeks ago we asked our fellow tumblrrs for creative uses for Smoke Drops, and we got loads of delightful ideas. We especially enjoyed the grand-prize winning suggestion by Hannes, “make it look like you’re lighting something expensive on fire (TV, painting, a lot of money…)”