Small Spaces Make Super Studios!

Home is where the heart is. Home is wherever you lay your hat. And home is a great place to snap some awesome photos!

We’ve gathered up five inexpensive and impermanent ways to transform little home spaces into the perfect settings for pictures.

You don’t need a lot of square footage. You just need a little creativity.

So whether you want your own homemade photography studio or just want to take better photos in your home as it is, these tips will help make your room of choice photo-ready!

Stay in Your PJs and Shoot from Home

TIP 1: Change up your hues


There’s a fun way to change the color of your walls and it’s far less time consuming than painting.

Hang a sheer, tinted fabric in front of your window or over your lamp to alter the hue of your room. This simple step helps create an entirely new mood.

Be careful, though! Never let your fabric directly touch a light bulb, constantly check the fabric to make sure it isn’t getting too warm, and never leave fabric-covered lamps unattended.

Tip 2: Move that furniture (Or don’t!) 

beforeFurniture like beds and tables can be hard to move, so why not incorporate them in your shot?

Lightweight furniture can all be pushed to one side of the room in order to open up a wall (blank backdrop heaven!), but you may want to work with heavier furniture where it is.

Get inventive and decorate tabletops with your choice of props to make them part of the scene. Or use your bed as a platform for sitting and modeling (or jumping! Just don’t tell mom).

Tip 3: Put a mirror, mirror, on the wall

beforeIf you’re looking to create the illusion of a larger room for your photo, mirrors may be the way to go!

Strategically placed mirrors help open up a room by not only reflecting images, but light as well.

Grab either a wall mirror or a full-length floor mirror for something a little easier to move around. Experiment with different locations and watch your room expand.

Tip 4: Create colorful backdrops with sheets and shower curtains

beforeWant to trade in a plain backdrop for something with a bit more personality?

Hang colorful, patterned sheets or shower curtains on the wall and use those as backdrops. You can also hang them in the middle of the room (pinned to each opposite wall) to help hide any furniture that may be in the way.

The best part? You can buy these backdrops super cheap! Dollar Store, anyone?

Tip 5: Have fun with scene props

beforeWhether you fill the room with balloons, books, or lifesize cutouts of characters from your favorite movie, scene props are a fantastic way to give life to your photo.

As we touched on in tip 2, props can be especially helpful when you want to make hard-to-move furniture blend in as a purposeful part of your photo.

Props are also handy in covering up any miscellaneous objects you don’t want in the shot, like light sockets or chords.



  • Get creative with angles. Shooting in a small room makes your chosen angles even more important! Try shooting from the floor up to get some of the ceiling in your shot. This creates the feeling of more space.
  • Use your backlighting. Using bright backlight from the window can help make a fairytale atmosphere in which normal objects suddenly look dreamy.
  • Get close. If you’re still not entirely happy with your space, then hone in on your subject and cut out all the unnecessary stuff! Beauty portraits and product photography definitely benefit from this tip.


Thanks for the photos, Taylor M. Meredith!