Shoot Your Own Frozen Flower Photos!

Spring is upon us. And it’s bringing a ton of flowers.

Now the only question is: whatcha gonna do with all those blooming beauties?

Ooh, we know! You should freeze ’em, photograph ’em, and then marvel at the gorgeous results.

Seriously, frozen floral photos are so pretty and unique that it’s almost unfair . So let us show you how to make them with this easy peasy (freezy) tutorial.

Freeze Flowers for Stunning Photos

Thanks for the inspiration Mo Devlin!

Why It’s Cool:


Flower photos are popular, and we totally see why. They’re so pretty, after all!

But what if you want a fun twist on the classic “rose in a vase” shot?

This project not only lets you indulge in all your flower-lovin’ photo skills, but you’ll also be left with some truly unique (and downright gorgeous) shots at the end.

The Ingredients:before

  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Small plastic container
  • Old sheet or tshirt
  • Freezer


Step 1: Pour a teeny bit of water

beforeAdd just a little bit of water to your container and then stick it in the freezer. This will be your first layer of ice.

You may be wondering, “Wait! Why can’t I just fill up the entire container and add my flowers from the get-go?”


Well, if you do that then your flowers may float off and freeze somewhere in the block of ice where you can’t see them. And that’s no good!

By slowly adding layers of ice, you can freeze your flowers exactly where you want them.

Step 2: Add Flowers


Now that your first layer of ice is frozen you can add your flowers! Press them flat and lay them face-down on the ice.

Pour just a splash of water over the flowers (don’t submerge them yet!) in order to make sure they stick to that first layer of ice.

Stick your container back in the freezer.

Step 3: Submerge your flowers


Are your flowers completely stuck to the first layer of ice? Good! Now you’re ready for the final step in making your block of ice.

Pour more water into the container until your flowers are completely submerged.

Now stick that bad boy back in the freezer.

Step 4: Remove your block of ice

beforeMake sure your block of ice is 100% frozen! Then lay out your sheet or tshirt somewhere with great natural light.

Turn your container over and gently press the sides. The cube of ice should slip right out. If not, don’t force it. Give it a few minutes and try again!

Step 5: Shoot


Hoorah! Time for the super duper ridiculously fun part.

Because of the ice’s shiny surface, you may need to move around a little and try different angles in order to avoid any glare. First shoot from above and then slightly from the side.

Use a slow exposure to achieve a brighter, more icy-looking shot. (A tripod will help you steady your cam to avoid blur.)

Capture all the bubbly details by setting your cam to its macro setting or using a macro lens on your phone. Then zoom out a little and show the flowers more full-view.

No matter what you do, have fun with it! Your shots are gonna be gorgeous.

Taking it further


  • Drop your block of ice outside on the cement and watch it break into pieces. Then get in close and photograph all the broken bits!
  • Want more flower-related projects? Good! That means our tutorial on turning your photos into flowers is something you’re gonna like.