See Your ‘Hood anew in Photos

Are you a photo-robot? Stuck in a routine, taking the same photos day in and day out? (Insert sad beep-boop noise.)

The simple act of rediscovering your surroundings is at the heart of a game called

To play, just remove your robot-visor and start snapping cool things around your ‘hood, then upload the pics to earn points.

Soon, a photo map of your city springs to life… Dragons! Elephant poo! A poem embedded in a street! Who knew the Photojojo office was surrounded by such awesomeness? shows you your own backyard afresh: through eyes that are not made of diodes and LEDs. (Sorry, Roomba! You’re still #1 at vacuuming.)


p.s. Need a quirky valentine gift? ScanCafe puts you in scenes from Casablanca or Gone with the Wind, free! Frankly, my dear, that’s adorable.