Seal the Deal with a Photo

Writing your name in cursive to make a promise is fine, but if you really mean it sign with your face!

No, don’t stick a pen up your nose.

If you’re a Mac user, you can use Preview (that app you use to open PDFs) to create a selfie signature and add it to all your official documents.

Nothing says serious business* like a selfie. ;)

Learn How to Add Your Photo Signature to PDFs

*You might want to consult your bank before endorsing checks with a selfie.

Thanks to Seth Terpstra for the tip!

Step-by-step, click-by-click

beforePrep. Make sure you are in a well lit room, in front of a plain-jane very white wall.
1. Open Preview
2. Click on the Tools menu, then Annotate > Signature > Create Signature From FaceTime Camera
3. You’ll see a box (where you’re supposed to hold up a paper with your signature). Put your face in it!
4. Move around slowly till the camera thinks your face is writing. There is no way to force the camera to capture your lovely mug, so this may take some doing. If your background is not white enough, hold white pieces of paper above and below your face to fake out the signature spotting robot that lives inside your computer.
5. When you see yourself pop-up in the signature preview box. Click accept!
6. To add your legally binding(ish) selfie signature to a pdf, simply open it in Preview. Click then and the picture of the signature you want to add.
7. Click your doc on the dotted line and voila, your selfie/autograph will appear.

Bonus Tips & Tricks


    • If you are having trouble convincing your computer that your face is a signature on white paper, cut a hole (or cute shape) in a piece of paper and hold it up to your camera as you sneakily peer through.


    • Make a signature from just a thumbs up, your winning smile or your winking eyes (for those less than serious agreements).


  • Not signing any documents any time soon? Open this blank PDF in Preview, put your signature on it, export as a JPEG and use your snazzy portrait as a sleek new profile pic.