Scissor your Shots to Make a Photoweave

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Have your photos been looking a bit flat? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Grab those scissors, it’s makeover time!

We’re gonna slice up your photos to assemble a feisty photo weave — a simple, handy way to make even the dullest photos pop.

Follow our simple steps and a winsome weave you’ll have in no time.

How-to Make a Photoweave

p.s. We’re hiring in San Francisco!

What You’ll Need

  • Photo print (two copies)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Double-sided sticky tape or glue
  • X-acto knife

Step One: Choose Your Photos

Grab two identical prints. Any size will do, but the bigger the better and the more material you’ll have to work with. Style Tip: Photoweaves work best using photos that have a simple, uncluttered background, and a clear focal point.

Step Two: Prepare Photo #1

On the back of your first photo, use a ruler and your pencil to draw horizontal lines. Space them one inch apart for larger photos and about half an inch apart for smaller ones.

Number each strip in numerical order from top to bottom (this will help you keep track of which strip goes where).

Step Three: Repeat with photo #2

Flip over your second photo and do the same as above, except this time making vertical lines.

Step Four: Slice Away

Okay, it’s going to feel funny at first, almost sacrilegious. Trust us. It’s for your photo’s own good.

Grab your scissors and carefully cut along the lines until each photo is reduced to numbered strips spread out before you.

Step Five: Start Weaving!

Grab two strips from each photo and turn them glossy-side up. Using the image as a guide, line up where the strips should meet. Take a piece of double-sided tape and secure the two strips together, forming a cross–this’ll form your centerpiece.

Step Six: Watch Your Creation Unfold

Now the fun really begins. Turn the centerpiece over and start weaving all of the pieces together, using bits of tape or dabs of glue to hold each piece in its place. It’s best to start in the middle and work your way outward, using the numbers on the back of the strips to help guide you.

Step Seven: Clean Up the Edges

When you have finished securing all of the pieces, flip over your newly woven photo. Hooray! You can already admire the fruits of your labor, but don’t celebrate too soon. There’s still a teensy bit of work to do. Now use the ruler and your X-acto knife to level the edges, cutting away any stray pieces sticking out.

And you’re done!

Take It Further

Okay, so now what? Here are some ways to experiment with this technique and kick it up a notch:

  • If you’re the type to forgo frames, you can laminate the photo weave with wide strips of clear, heavy-duty tape to make this into a funky place mat or coaster for your drinks.
  • Play with the direction and pattern of the weave. Why stop at vertical/horizontal when you can go diagonal?
  • Experiment using photos with different colors. Try printing one photo in color and one in black and white, or one that is high contrast with one with low-contrast and see what you get. The combination of juxtaposed possibilities is endless.