Scan and Fax Using your Cameraphone or Digital Camera, Free!

scanr.jpgIt’s 2006. Where are the personal helicopters, robotic maids, and hoverboards?

Steak in a tube it’s not, but there is a bright spot in our not-so-futuristic future: the cell phone. Seriously, 30 years ago who would have imagined we’d all be able to make phone calls, take pictures, listen to music, play videogames, and watch TV all from a tiny device that slips in our pockets? It’s super rad totally awesome magic.

But wait, there’s more! Now there’s a way to take pictures with your cameraphone (of documents and whiteboards) and have them turned into PDFs and emailed to you, or even faxed, straight from your phone. To top it off, the PDFs are even searchable!

It gets better: soon you’ll be able to snap a pic of a business card and import the info right into your computer’s address book with a single click. Slick!

You’ll need a phone with a 1 megapixel or better camera (most recent phones qualify, check yours here), though the service works with digital cameras, too.

We’re not gonna lie to you, we’d still rather have a hoverboard. Until then, check out scanR.


p.s. Ok, so cell phones aren’t the only bright spot. They did finally invent that Dick Tracy watch.

p.p.s. We hear that scanR’s upgrading their service this morning, so you may not be able to get through until 9 am EST.