Remember Everything With Your Camera and Evernote


Study the following phrases carefully:

  • Absent-….ed professor
  • One-track ….
  • Get your …. out of the gutter

If any words appear to be missing, you may have lost your mind.

The good news is, your trusty camera can keep your mind from wandering off!

Snap a picture of anything you want to remember and drop the photo into Evernote.

This clever little app turns your picture into a note (it can even read text in your photo) and creates a collection of little reminders.

Use tags to search for related notes, or add them to a to-do list. You can access the database from your smartphone, desktop, or the web, so it’s available wherever you go.

Take snapshots of places you want to explore, or ideas scribbled on napkins, and pretty soon you’ll remember everything!

Your mind may still wander, but at least you’ll know where it was.

Evernote: Use Your Camera to Remember Everything
Thanks to reader to Lindsay Leung for the tip!

p.s. Evernote works with your scanner too! (And screenshots, and your webcam, and Eye-Fi cards…) Check out their blog for ideas and tips on using the app.