Quick Tip: Use a PEZ Dispenser to Get Kids to Smile

pez dispensor smile hackIf we’ve learned anything from Hollywood’s recent penchant for pairing muscle-bound leading lads with toddlers, it’s that taking care of tykes ain’t easy.

But if you think changing diapers is the hard part, just try getting one to smile on demand.

We’ve already shown you how to get adults to smile, so here’s a quick tip for the little humans in your life.

1) Acquire PEZ dispenser. 2) Carefully cut away at the bottom with an exacto until it’ll slide into your camera’s hot shoe. 3) Train camera at unsuspecting child. 4) Capture a rare moment of unexpected joy.

Mix and match dispensers for variety, and take a gander at the how-to pics by Federico Sartorio for the details. [via reader sarah lee]

Tell us your favorite way to get kids to smile!

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